Becoming an art collector with Mishkalo – Alyssa and Jacob

Becoming an art collector with Mishkalo – Alyssa and Jacob

Becoming an art collector with Mishkalo – Alyssa and Jacob


Most young people cannot afford art, but it’s an important part of their everyday life. From trendy clothes and home décor to artsy covers for their mobile phones, art is a form of self-expression that’s important to every generation.

This begs the question; how can young people start an art collection when the price tag is well beyond the double digits?


Alyssa and Jacob find themselves in this situation. The pair are engaged and want to jump start their art collection, but between wedding planning and basic living expenses there isn’t exactly room in the budget. That’s when they discovered Mishkalo, a wedding registry for art.

Thrilled with the idea of starting their collection by commemorating their special day, Alyssa and Jacob asked for two pieces for a start, Ira Ivanova’s Purple Haze and Anna Charney’s Catching Electric Feels.

Purple Haze | Bridal gift idea | Wedding Registry for Art

Purple Haze by Mishkalo Artist Ira Ivanova.


No matter their age, people collect art because it makes them feel, think and see the world in new and interesting ways. Whether you’re drawn to pretty pictures or dramatic sculptures, decorating the home with art adds visual interest to a space and creates a welcoming environment.

Best of all, great art keeps you thinking, the more time you spend with a piece, the more you’ll discover about it.


In the time leading up to their wedding, Alyssa hasn’t stopped raving about their new pieces from Mishkalo. She sees them as a memento of their wedding day that will remind her of the commitment she made to her husband and the support of their wonderful family and friends.

Catching Electric Feels | Unusual bridal registry | Mishkalo Bridal Registry

Catching Electric Feels by Mishkalo Artist Anna Charney.


With Mishkalo, owning fantastic art doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Art is an important part of everyday life and self-expression for every generation.

Unlike pots and pans or blenders and toasters, art is a gift that you, your friends, and your family will remember forever as a gift that’s as unique as your marriage will be.





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Art for the Millennial Generation

Art for the Millennial Generation

The Milleninial Generation is quite different from the previous generation. Having grown up with the Internet, these tech-savvy individuals have a very different perspective on the world. They have developed different values, like environmental sustainability, personal health and fitness and living a good life but On a Tight Budget. They have a tighter budget until they can save enough money to make bigger purchases.

Meeting Point | Wedding Anniversary gift idea | Bridal Registry for Art

Meeting Point by Mishkalo Artist Evelin Juen.

The following are some observations about this generation.

  1. Making the Process Personal

Millennials are passionate about making personal connections in the art community. They want to get to know the artist and form relationships with the galleries.

  1. Buying Both Online and Offline

Millennials are buying art just as frequently offline as they are online. Art is one purchase that many feel is important to make in person. The rise of social media has allowed Millennials to follow their favorite artists and galleries and stay in the loop about upcoming events or specific pieces.

  1. Looking for Different, Exciting Pieces

As can be expected, younger collectors are looking for something different and unique. Older collectors may be hesitant of new mediums outside of their traditional contemporary works, but younger generations gravitate towards new materials and concepts beyond their realm of comfort.

Trinity 2 | Artistic present | Mishkalo Art Registry

Trinity 2 by Mishkalo Artist Nancy Kramp.

  1. Lack of Art History Knowledge

Millennial collectors are younger and may not be fully aware of the value of every piece. They choose art that speaks to them, not necessarily what piece has historical importance. The artwork has to resonate with their tastes and sensibilities.

  1. Buying Art as an Asset

Millenials are not afraid to take risks and mostly buy art with the assumption that it will increase in value. The Millennial generation is bold. Their willingness to take risks and seek out unique, exciting mediums could mean big changes for the art community.

Mishkalo, a wedding registry for art was launched to cater to this rising trend and to make art affordable and accessible to wedding couples by having their guests pool together the money to buy them a memorable and valuable gift to cherish all their lives.

To all the engaged couples, bring the joy of art  and joie de vivre into your life. Paint your marriage in color with an art wedding registry!

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Modern Art Thirty-Six | Wedding Anniversary gift idea | Mishkalo Wedding Registry for Art

Modern Art Thirty-Six by Mishkalo Artist Lynn Taetzsch.

Portrait Of A Girl In A Red Hat | Unique bridal shower present | Wedding Registry for Art

Portrait Of A Girl In A Red Hat by Mishkalo Artist Mark Hunter.



Window into an Artist’s World – Diane Leon

Window into an Artist’s World – Diane Leon

Diane Leon. Abstract Artist. “Abstraction gives me a sense of freedom”.

Diane Leon an abstract artist on Mishkalo.

Diane Leon an abstract artist on Mishkalo.

Recently One of Diane’s  paintings   “Ephemeral Energy” shown above received a Special Merit Award at an online Juried abstract exhibition by LifeSpaceTime.  They had 952 entries from 29 counties and 40 states.


Fiesta | Artistic second marriage registry | Mishkalo Bridal Registry

Fiesta by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

We asked Diane why this was important and what it meant to her in terms of her art and recognition as an artist.

Diane says ” Online Juried abstract exhibitions are a good way to create a larger audience of my work. Since 2016 entering this international exhibition, ( I have won an award three consecutive years for my paintings in these highly competitive shows.

All my abstract artworks are painted in vivid and high energy colors. The intimate size I work in offers options to collectors. It can stand on its own as a piece on the wall, in a bookcase or part of a group collection.

As an adjunct associate professor of arts at New York University, School of Professional Studies, the Arts faculty is hosting in May 2018 a “Humanities” event showcasing the work of the students.The selected students will exhibit works from last year’s painting class and my current Collage and Mixed Media class. The enthusiasm I have for teaching is reflected in their works. I am proud to be a part of NYU since 1995 and continue to give back as a professor and mentor. ”


More of Diane’s Vibrant and colorful abstracts. Her paintings will bring life and cheer to any room. Her colors are bold and bright and will match any furniture that you have in your room.


Epiphany | Best wedding anniversary registry | Bridal Registry for Art

Epiphany by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

Resolution | Alternative gift | Wedding Registry for Art

Resolution by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

Enlightenment | Different wedding registry | Mishkalo Art Registry

Enlightenment by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

Bill & Melinda Gates Art Wedding Gift

Bill & Melinda Gates Art Wedding Gift

I came across an article recently that talked about Bill & Melinda gates wedding gift that helps them not fight and keeps their marriage alive. To those of you who have not read this article, please do so here.

This made me realize the impact of a wedding gift that is thoughtfully selected or chosen by either the wedding couple or their friends & family can last for years and all though their marriage in a very enriching and positive way.

Bill  and Melinda Gates say that when the two of them disagree, they think  about how lucky they are that they mostly see things the same way. This is  something the couple is reminded of everyday, thanks to a wedding gift from Bill’s parents: A sculpture of two birds side by side.

“What we love about it so much is that it’s these two birds who are looking forward together,” says Melinda. “What it reminds us is, these two birds, who presumably are mates, have a shared view out into the world.”
What an awesome story about this amazing couple and this one gift of art that has brought so much meaning and joy in their lives. An artwork created by an artist will last all your life and remind you of your special day and the meaning behind the vows that you have taken to love and cherish each other.
I am sure Bill & Melinda Gates will pass these two sculptures on to their kids and grandkids and it will be an heirloom piece to remind their family for generations to come of the love that they had for each other.
To all the engaged couples, bring the joy of art  and joie de vivre into your life. Paint your marriage in color with an art wedding registry!
Flamingo Project-min Featured Art of Week

Flamingo by Iulia Dinca

Flame Game by Gaya



Window into an Artist’s World – Stephanie Bird

Window into an Artist’s World – Stephanie Bird

Stephanie Bird. Artist. Herbalist. Author of ten books. Both fiction and non-fiction. Included in various anthologies. Professor. Business owner. Mother. Soap maker.

Artist Stephanie Bird on Mishkalo

Artist Stephanie Bird on Mishkalo

Her resume will give anybody a serious inferiority complex. Yet, she is a calm, relaxed, almost laid-back person who wears her accomplishments with grace and humility. Always ready to jump into the next project.

Mishkalo is pleased to call Stephanie Rose Bird one of our artists.

A modern day Georgia O’keefe, Stephanie grew up in rural New Jersey surrounded by lakes, gardens, flowers and birds. As such, nature is still a major subject of her paintings, interpreted with her artistic eyes and hands.


Chilli by artist Stephanie Bird on Mishkalo.

Chilli by artist Stephanie Bird on Mishkalo.

Currently working on two expressionistic series – fruit and vegetables – Stephanie says, “It is interesting working with representational art and abstract expressionism simultaneously. Admittedly, I am partial to working abstractly yet I find both styles inform each other. I find there is a lot of pinned up energy during the winter and working with sumi-ink and brush painting, as well as mixed media on paper is the perfect way to capture all of that energy and get it down on paper or canvas.”


Artist in Residence

Always active in engaging and being engaged in the community, she has been selected to be the Artist-in Residence at Channahon – the place where Kankakee and Des Plaines rivers come together to form the Illinois river. “Can’t wait to capture the water,” she says gleefully.

Solo Exhibition

Further, she is preparing to exhibit her work this Winter and Spring in a solo exhibition at the Forest Park National Bank in Forest Park, IL. It should be interesting to see how the works relate to one another and contrast in mood, color and light, from one season to the next. The subject matter is landscape, plants, and botanicals, done in an Expressionist, Cubist and Abstract Expressionist style. She has enjoyed working expressionistically and in abstraction for quite some time. Neo-Cubism is a new enthusiasm. Her intention is to portray the border between representation and abstraction that occurs when focusing on light, shape, line and color rather than realistic representation of my subject matter.


All this while she is writing a book of fiction, managing her company and writing articles on herbalism. Time to make some soap, Stephanie!

Hum - Painting by Stephanie Bird on Mishkalo.

Hum – Painting by Stephanie Bird on Mishkalo.

Asparagus - Painting by Stephanie Bird on Mishkalo.

Asparagus – Painting by Stephanie Bird on Mishkalo.

Painting by artist Stephanie Bird.

Painting by artist Stephanie Bird.

Jenny Yoo Bridal Show

Jenny Yoo Bridal Show

Jenny Yoo’s Bridal Runway Show – Chicago

Recently I had the opportunity to attend Jenny Yoo’s exclusive unveiling of the 2018 Bridal and Bridesmaids Collections. at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel. I must say that I was blown away by the elegance and sophistication of her show. Right from the choice of venue and décor to her beautiful models, the evening was simply mesmerizing.

We started off in the ballroom with wine & champagne and hors d’oeuvres which gave everyone a chance to mingle and browse through her bridesmaid dresses on display.  There was bubbles and bites by the chefs at Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, event decor by Art of the Imagination and musical styling by Figweddings. We also got to participate in a photo booth by Rick Aguilar’s studio.

Jenny Yoo Bridal Runway show Chicago.

Jenny Yoo Bridal Runway show Chicago.

Jenny Yoo’s Collections were feminine and refined and extremely elegant. Her flattering silhouettes of tulle, chiffon, and lace on the lovely models were almost ethereal.

Here is what Jenny Yoo has to say about her philosophy: “Our philosophy is to present the brides & bridesmaids with a variety of dresses, incorporating rich and luxurious silks & laces to create an elegant, feminine, and refined look. Attention to detail, cut, proportion, and workmanship ensures each dress the most feminine and flattering fit.

Our dresses are inspired by delicious array of colors, ranging from soft buttery yellows to rich deep berries. Bias cut, asymmetrical lines, and soft layers of sheer chiffon and lustrous silk charmeuse create a rich mixture of textures. These are some of the many fresh details our collection offers. We design for the discriminating bridesmaid who is looking for a dress that she can use not only for the bridal party, but again and again for any special occasion. Our goal is to give our client a beautiful quality dress that she can carry with her for years to come… ”

Jenny Yoo Bridal Runway show Chicago.

Jenny Yoo Bridal Runway show Chicago.

Please check out Jenny Yoo’s beautiful bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses at their Chicago showroom in River North. Their address is :

311 W. Superior Street
Suite 404
Chicago, IL 60654
312.642.2327 |

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