Commission a Wedding Portrait

Commission a Wedding Portrait Painting in your registry.


Transform your favorite wedding photo into a painting to cherish forever!

Let an Artist replicate your wedding photograph into a painting.

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We will help you commission an artist for your custom wedding painting.

Want to know the difference between a custom wedding portrait and a wedding photograph? Read our BLOG.

Our Wedding Portrait Artists

Amro Ashry, Malaysia

Amro Ashry is a world-renowned artist with an impressive collection and following. His artwork is  made up of various series: Beautiful in White, Pretty Faces, Hot Like Fire, Asian Beauty, Lovers and Passion, all presenting different styles.

Visit Amro Ashry’s gallery.

For more Amro Ashry portrait styles click HERE

Gkikas Konstantinos, Greece

” I would love to draw a loved photo of yours into a charcoal portrait. I only use the best fine art charcoal and paper available for your drawing.
My style is realism, and I do my best to bring out the emotions you have in the photo. I’m so happy to share my artistic style with you and potentially have my work find a place in your home. Creating beautiful work for wonderful people is the main reason I do what I do.”

Dana Swasko, Chicago

Dana specializes in charcoal drawings to capture minute details and create life-like portraits in black and white. Whether you look at her work from afar or close-by, you’ll see the keen eye and extraordinary touch she brings to her work.

Deb Marett

Experienced artist Deb Marett uses mixed media to make her subjects come alive, in the style of Renoir.

Anastasiya Kostyshyn, Chicago


Anatasia is a very unique portrait artist.  Anastasiya’s use of bright, glazed colors gives her work a surreal, luminous atmosphere to heighten the effect of myth and religiosity.

Visit Anastasiya Kostyshyn’s gallery