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Wedding Planning Checklist for Day of Wedding


Here is a day of wedding planning checklist that every bride should have. Although wedding stress starts on the day you get engaged, wedding stress peaks on the day of the wedding.

The wedding day can be very stressful and full of surprises for the bride. You have spent months planning and finding all the different vendors and venues. Finally the big day is looming near and sometimes in spite of all the effort that goes into planning, things may not go as planned.  Sometimes couples throw up their hand and say “I give up.”

Day of Wedding Checklist.


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  • Pack all your clothes and accessories that you will need for that day. You will most likely have 2-3 change of outfits. Assemble them in the order that they will be worn so that you are not scrambling to find your shoes or a pair of earrings that go with that outfit.
  • Put all your makeup essentials in one box or a bag. Mark your lipsticks with the name of your outfit so that it is easy to pick out. Also make sure you have picked out your special perfume for that day. Select a perfume that you are going to use on your wedding day, the scent of which will be a reminder of that special moment for you. Also pack some safety pins, hair clips, deodorant and tissues in case you fell emotional.
  • Make sure you have packed a pair of flat sandals to dance the night away.
  • Lastly pack a few small snacks for you to munch on while you are getting ready for the day. Keep your energy levels up for the exciting day ahead.


Personally, I have noticed many brides schedule a stress-relieving activity such as a visit to an art museum or aquarium the day before the wedding as a reliever of wedding stress. Some of Mishkalo artists such as Ira Ivanova and Karina Llergo illustrate how art is such a great stress reliever.

Make sure you print this wedding planning checklist and carry along so that your wedding day is relaxed and enjoyable.

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