4 Reasons to Get Original Art as a Unique Wedding Gift

4 Reasons to Get Original Art as a Unique Wedding Gift

4 Reasons to get Original Art as a Wedding Gift


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. Pablo Picasso 


Why ask for original art as part of your wedding registry?  Maybe you already have all the household things such as pots, pans, towels & blender and are looking for something more unique and meaningful for your guests to buy you and asking for cash for your honeymoon is considered tacky.  That is what Mishkalo aims to provide – a  classy alternative registry where you can browse through hundreds of original artworks or commission a piece of art and get a gift that will last all your life.

But you may still ask why buying original art is a good idea. Here are four important reasons why this is a better option than traditional toasters & towels.


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Be Classy and Unique:

You already have all the essentials to run a house and a kitchen and even if you need a few things more, you can always buy them later.  You can make your wedding unique and special by asking for a gift that will be tasteful and meaningful. Your guests will feel good to be able to buy you something that you can cherish rather than a set of towels that will be long gone when you celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary.

Bring good Feng Shui and Soul into your home:

One of the easiest ways to bring good energy into your home is with vibrant images or art. Certain colors, images, shapes will bring the needed energy and balance into your space, while others may drain energy from you and lower the vibrations. A beautiful piece of art that you like will bring cheer and joy and life to your room. It will be a topic of conversation when you have guests and will keep your memory of that special wedding day alive every time you talk about where and how you acquired that art.


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A Good Investment:

Buying original art may be a good investment in the long term, but it can also be a tricky process. If you happen to find promising artists who become famous then the artwork can be more valuable in the future.  You can also become a collector if you develop a taste for certain types of art and artists. This collection can be of great value to your kids as well.

Support an Artist:

When you buy artwork from an artist, you support them in their livelihood and reward them for their hard work and creativity. Art is a big and important part of a society and It communicates across barriers of language, class, and culture. Aesthetic experience is fundamental to living a rich and meaningful life. Now, you can go beyond just supporting artists with a Mishkalo Art Registry. You can donate your remaining funds collected to Kids&Art Foundation, a non-profit that helps kids with cancer via the arts and art workshops.

.Hope these four reasons encourage you to bring art into your life!

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If you would like to create a one of a kind  Art Wedding Registry, check out Mishkalo.

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15 Best Places to Register for Wedding Gifts

15 Best Places to Register for Wedding Gifts

15 Best Places to Register for Wedding Gifts


Your ultimate guide to the super special list of places to register


When it comes to wedding gifts and registry planning, engaged couples can get easily lost and confused with the vast array of registries that are available. Here at Mishkalo, we are going to make it easier for couples to choose between different registries depending on what they want and need. We have asked some of the experts in the field for some great options and want to give the best places to register for our brides and grooms.

Here is a list of the top 15 websites to register for your wedding:

 1. The Knot

The Knot Registry allows you to create a wedding registry and Grab gifts from any online store and easily include them on your registry.

 2. Amazon

Amazon sells anything and almost everything.. Plus, it has a universal registry program, which means you can add items to your registry that aren’t on Amazon.com using a browser extension. Amazon Prime members get a 20 percent completion discount, as well as free shipping and other discounts.

3. Blueprint Registry

Blueprint is another meta registry site, where you can add items from top retailers, boutiques and any website (using a plugin “button.”) The site’s interactive Shop Room by Room feature helps you create your list and make sure you’re covering all your bases throughout your home.

4. MyRegistry 

This is a universal registry. It has this unique feature that is, that you don’t have to feel bound by just two or three stores, or places that have their own registry systems. Choose any item from anywhere. You can also register for cash gifts and for charity donations.

5. Zola

Zola is a universal wedding registry that lets you have everything in one place. It has a curated selection of products from brands you’ll recognize, but also lets you raise money through your registry, for things like a honeymoon fund. You can also add experiences, like a cooking class or wine tasting tour.

6. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s is a high end registry that has consultants that work strictly on wedding registries, that will help assist you in getting creating a great registry. It offers completion discounts too: 10 percent off for the first six months after your event and 20 percent off during special discount times.


7. Neiman Marcus

You’ll find a variety of high-end home products for your registry at a Neiman Marcus store and on its website. When you register, you’ll receive a coupon code for $100 off a $400 purchase. It also offers a 10 percent completion discount. Guests will love the free shipping and free gift wrapping for your gifts.


8. Anthropologie

Anthropologie believes that creating a registry can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. Your registry will stay open for up to a year after your event, and Anthropologie lets you enter two different shipping addresses to accommodate for moves and other big changes during your engagement and after.

9. Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach is a go-to source for authentic modern design for the home. We’re talking real Eames chairs and the like. And while you might think of DWR as a furniture store, there’s also dinnerware, bedding, bath items and much more you can add to your wishlist.

10. Jung Lee NY

.Jung Lee offers her distinct event style within a revolutionary new retail experience. You can meet with a design professional so they can learn about your lifestyle and design taste, then recommend a list of products customized to you and your future spouse. Jung Lee offers her distinct event style within a revolutionary new retail experience.

11. Pottery Barn

When you create a registry account, you’re given access to Pottery Barn’s team of design specialists who can help you curate the exact aesthetic you’re looking for. Guests also have the option of sending you gift cards that work at Pottery Barn and its sister stores, Williams-Sonoma and West Elm.

12. Scully & Scully

At Scully & Scully, the registry program is a “hold all gifts” format. So, instead of receiving gifts as guests purchase them, you actually accumulate credit from those purchases that you can use however you want within the store.

13. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.’s elegant china and home items will add oomph to any registry. It’s easy to update and edit your list online, and you can get personal help from an in-store consultant..

14. JustGiving

JustGiving (formerly called JustGive) lets your guests donate to a charity instead of (or in addition to) buying you gifts. JustGiving sends the donations directly to the charities for you, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics.

15. Mishkalo

Mishkalo is a unique wedding registry for art from around the world. Engaged couples can get some awesome registry perks and experience. You can avail their free art registry consultation to help you select art that will truly reflect who you are as a couple. Perks also include complimentary Bridal registry inserts, ‘Thank You’ cards with the art that you received as a gift, personalized shipping options and a 10% post completion discount for 2 years on any art. Mishkalo also allows you to donate your leftover change money to Kids and Art Foundation – a charity that uses art as part of their treatment program for kids with cancer.


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A wedding is an event but a marriage is a lifelong journey and to have a wedding gift that will remind you of your vows and the love that you have for each other will enrich and enhance your marriage. So be curious and think beyond the traditional wedding gifts and get a gift that is as unique as your marriage.


Looking for a unique registry idea? Check out Mishkalo

Mishkalo carries a vast collection of amazing artwork from around the world for you to choose from. 





































Wedding Trends: Live Painting

Wedding Trends: Live Painting

Wedding Trends: Live Painting

Now, more than ever, in the digital age of our society, it is easier than ever to capture a moment instantly. Photo booths, cell phones, photographers, videographers, and wedding hashtags have allowed couples to remember every special moment of their big day in a permanent memento. But a recent wedding day trend is providing the opportunity for one more, even more cherish-able take-away: a live painting wedding portrait. Hiring a professional artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece of your ceremony or reception is an amazing way to hold on to even more special memories from your wedding that can be displayed anywhere in your home!

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re deciding if you should say ‘I do’ to a live painting for your big day!

Sooo, How Does this Work?

The logistics for how a live painter will work for your particular day will vary based on many different factors, but essentially, what will happen is you and your fiancé will select an artist who will create the artwork on your wedding day. They will set up their station on the day of the wedding in either the ceremony or reception space and begin painting the scene! Typically artists will be able to complete most of the major elements of the scene while the wedding is going on, and they will complete the special details like faces later on and then deliver the completed painting, but some artists can complete the piece by the end of the event.

Communication is Key

There are a ton of things that are very important to discuss with potential artists before you award them the job of creating your live wedding painting! Some essential elements to consider:

  • Artistic Style: Make sure you and the artist discuss their style of art. If they tend to more impressionistic pieces, and you’d prefer a more realistic and detailed artwork, this is something that will need to be hashed out before the day arrives to ensure you will be totally in love with the finished product.
  • Details, Details!: A good consultation between artist and you and your fiancé is the best way to ensure they know all the elements you want incorporated. If you want the piece to feature a particular color scheme, let them know! You can also point out smaller details that you want to be sure get included, like a particular decoration, a few special guests, or even some wedding dress lace.
  • Logistics/Necessities: It will be important to discuss what specifications the artist needs to do their job. Some might need access to an electrical outlet, others may want several hours access to the venue to begin work before guests arrive. Knowing what the artist needs ahead of time will give you a good idea if they are the right person for the job, because both yours and the artist’s needs must be met to make the live painting a success!
  • A Good Fit: Your artist is going to need room to work, so you should go over how much space they will need for their work station, and then check to make sure your ceremony or reception space offers enough room! You should also take time to share any preferences you may have about what you’d like the artist to wear on the big day if this is a potential concern for you.

Time is of the Essence!

As you can imagine, creating an amazing painted scene of your wedding day is a pretty tall order, and your artist is going to want to take the time to get your live painting just the way you want it! Start seeking out artists as soon as possible to ensure you get the right one for your big day. And these artists will need several hours, potentially before, during, and after the reception or ceremony to finish the piece, so make sure to go over a timeline with your artist.

A live wedding day painting is an amazing keepsake that can adorn your walls for years to come; a beautiful memento full of all the good feelings and happy memories of your special day in an intimate, personal way. Hiring a painter may be a bit of extra work on top of your long wedding day to-do list, but it is worth it to see the gorgeous work of art that will forever remind you of one of the best days of your life!



Photos Courtesy of: https://www.jennielouart.com/



I Do or I Don’t: Picking the Perfect Wedding Favor

I Do or I Don’t: Picking the Perfect Wedding Favor

I Do or I Don’t: Picking the Perfect Wedding Favor

Especially in recent years, the wedding industry has changed. Couples are creating more personal, customized wedding details that really showcase their preferences. In attempting to personalize their big days, couples have reinvented, or disregarded altogether, some traditional wedding elements that were once a given.

One of the mostly recently departed: the wedding favor. Sure, who doesn’t like to get a gift? But it can be challenging to draw the line between what’s worth spending your time and money on, and what’s going to be quickly thrown away once the festivities have ended.

You want your guests to remember your special day, and thank them for being part of celebrating your marriage! To ensure your guests love your favors and how they represent your wedding, here are some inspo-worthy ideas. Get those creative juices flowing!

Bottle Openers

These favors may not be the most original idea, but this is an item that looks classy and thoughtful, and shouldn’t break the bank. They are also super customizable, so finding a shape, color, or message that really represents you and your partner should be easy! If you and your fiancé are beer fanatics, this is a great way to incorporate that passion! Hand out the favors with place cards at the beginning of the reception so your guests can utilize their gifts throughout the night as they enjoy your hand-selected IPA.


Bottle it Up!

Little bottled favors are double-duty: adorable and useful! And you can bottle just about anything! If you love to cook, try a bottle of your favorite olive oil. If you’re super picky about your drinks, hand out little bottles of your signature cocktail! Bottling anything from candy to drinks to seashells is an inexpensive way to thank your guests with a little token and add a ton of personal flair.


Natural Touches

If you and your fiancé are the outdoorsy types, bring that into your favors! Have a thing for gardening? Give your guests tiny potted plants they can grow in a garden of their own. It’ll always remind them of you two while they’re enjoying their fresh cut blooms or yummy basil. Or opt for seeds if you really want to give the full outdoor experience! Small lanterns or s’mores sticks are perfect for the couple who loves to camp, and will definitely be utilized on their next camping excursion.


The Way to My Guests’ Heart…Is Through Their Stomachs

Food and drinks are always great favor ideas because you know your guests are definitely going to use them! Your favorite whisky or personalized cookie are adorable ways to add more of what you love into your special day, and they taste amazing! Individualized desserts and cute containers are some of the best options if you want to give a favor but don’t know what your guests would use. You can even provide a variety of take-home dessert options so you’re certain your guests will leave with something they’ll love (besides the memories, of course!).


Artistic Elements

Add some creative flair with artsy favors! Personalized place cards or small canvases on easels are cute and add elegance to your table settings. The compilation of artworks will fill the space with color, and each guest will leave with something very personal and beautiful, and unforgettable token of your big day! If you need help with some cool favors made by artists contact Mishkalo  at info@mishkalo.com.


Get Creative!

The best favors are the most personal; everyone will love whatever you give them if they can tell it’s something you put time into, so really think about what you’d love to receive. Potpourri, temporary tattoos, fans, coasters, mix CDs, and incense are all small details that can be incorporated into

your wedding and really wow your guests.








Incorporating Your Wedding Color

Incorporating Your Wedding Color

Incorporating Your Wedding Color

While white is the traditional color choice for a wedding dress, color is one of the best ways to add flare and enhance the vibe of your big day celebration. It can be tricky to select the right shades and decide how best to incorporate it into the festivities without going overboard or leaving the space looking bare. Here are some tips to help you bring color into your wedding day in the most sophisticated way.

What Color Do I Choose??

Picking your wedding day color scheme can seem like a daunting feat, but if you are looking for inspiration, your venue could be your best bet. Whether your wedding will be outdoor or indoor, selecting hues from your space could be a fast, easy way to find the perfect color you can accent with your décor.

Add Depth with a Color Palette

Instead of choosing a single color for your wedding décor, opt for a color palette that features either complementary shades or colors. This will give you more options for color throughout your space without going too monochromatic. More shades or colors means more opportunities to add colorful touches that will personalize your wedding.

Take a Look at Your Tables

The tables at your reception venue offer huge potential for you to play with color. You can easily add lots of color to the room by selecting colored base tablecloths. Choosing a fun pattern or design can add depth and interest as well. Textures and metallic elements are also awesome table-touches. If you opt for basic white tablecloths or a single shade, table runners or place mats can be utilized as a pop of color or pattern to liven up your tables. Napkins are perfect for a dash of a contrasting or bold color that will brighten up the table without going overboard.

Tabletop Touches

Simple elements are great opportunities for personalizing with color. Silverware can be selected in different metals or finishes to best accent your color palette. Table numbers and place cards can be customized in your perfect shade to tie a table together. Napkin rings can add sparkles or floral touches without getting too wild. Simple touches like arrangement ribbons add color or patterns, and vases or colored candles can accentuate your wedding day theme with subtle details.

Drinks, Please!!

Personal touches are a great way to spice up your space with color. Try creating a customized cocktail for your cocktail hour or reception that incorporates your color scheme. This is a fun way to pull together your palette that your guests are sure to love!

Flowers, of Course!

Flowers are the classic wedding day décor option, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be reinvented for your color scheme and personal style. Whether you choose multiple hues or opt for more monochromatic, from the aisle runners, to bouquets, to centerpieces, flowers are one of the best and most elegant ways to incorporate color into your wedding. Adding other non-floral accents to your arrangements is a great way to customize your big day décor, from berries to pinecones to brooches.





Preoccupied Bride: The Behind the Scenes Superwoman

Preoccupied Bride: The Behind the Scenes Superwoman

Preoccupied Bride: The Behind the Scenes Superwoman

Photo courtesy of Dabble Me This

Wedding planning is different for every bride, but one thing most every one shares is stress. Surrounding yourself with close family is friends is one of the best ways to help relieve some of your pre-wedding stresses and connect with those you love. The perfect pal to add to the mix?  Chicago’s very own Maya Devassy Tarach of “Preoccupied Bride“!

Every bride is different, and whether or not you opt for a wedding planner is a personal choice. Maya decided to make the leap into wedding planning after she realized her knack for it while pulling together her own big day. And for her clients, her services are totally customizable! Ranging from day-of coordination to scheduling every detail of the shabang, Maya has got your back.

Photo courtesy of Nate Crouch Photography

Like your closest friends, Maya is here to assist with the less-glamorous, not-so-exciting parts of wedding planning so her brides can focus on the stuff they really care about! Their family and friends, work and social commitments can all come first, with the peace of mind that Maya is used to juggling busy brides’ schedules (and with flare, of course!).

If logistics and timing seem like a drag, don’t worry! Maya ready to pull it all together, so you can help with the fun stuff! Did somebody say cake tasting?

Photo courtesy of Hannah Persson Photography

As in any great friendship, the chemistry between bride and planner is key for a beneficial relationship, so the first meeting is essential for Maya.

Unless both parties are on the same page from the get-go, collaboration is going to be an uphill battle. And if the spark just isn’t there, Maya is happy to hand out the names of other planners who might better suit the bride’s desires. It’s your big day after all, and Maya wants every bride to feel totally confident in their special day decisions.

Photo courtesy of Jasmeen Calhoun Photography


Changing your state of mind to create your own brand is no small feat, and Maya has not been afraid to experiment to reach her goals. By embracing the new experience and putting her best efforts into the project she was passionate about, Maya has made the Preoccupied Bride a successful and reputable wedding planning service for all of her brides!


Get to know Maya: A Quick Q&A!

What is your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

“Being a part of the celebration of love between two people.”

How did you develop your outlook on wedding planning?

“Similar to a successful marriage, my wedding planning outlook includes good communication and preparation. In order for any relationship to be successful both parties need to communicate well, so the same concept definitely applies in the working relationship between me and my clients”

What is your favorite part of a wedding ceremony?

“The vows. Watching a couple recite their love and commitment to each other, whether it’s prearranged or written from scratch, is always a special experience. Every time I witness the vows I get a little choked up because it’s always unique and sweet.“
What sets you apart from other wedding planners or companies?

“I believe my perspective on wedding planning and my clients sharing in that same perspective is what makes me different. To me, the wedding details are important, but they shouldn’t cloud the reason why a couple is getting married in the first place. I’ll do everything in my power to prepare as much as possible before the wedding and make sure everything goes right at the wedding (or be ready to fix anything that goes wrong), but the details aren’t as important as the marriage.”

What’s the best piece of advice you have for brides-to-be approaching their wedding dates?

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. You can prepare as much as possible but still not be in control of what will actually happen. It’s important for my couples to remember the big picture: If they get married on their wedding day—that is, both people get to recite their love and vows to each other—the wedding is an automatic success. Nothing—not even all the wedding details that were planned for months on end—is more important than that. If all the other details and elements come together nicely on the wedding day, it’s a bonus.”

A highly personalized wedding planner and a highly personalized wedding registry would make your special day very unique!

Want to know more about Maya?  Check out Preoccupied Bride!

Want to know more about a unique registry for art ? Check out Mishkalo Registry!