Paint your marriage in color

Mishkalo makes art affordable for wedding couples through crowdfunding.

It offers you curated, original works of art.

You choose what you like. Your guests crowdfund it by pooling their gifts.

To indulge you on your special day. With artwork that you’ll cherish forever. 

Original fine art will make a house a home. Your kids will grow up with it. Perhaps it could become a collectible. Or a family heirloom.

How does it work?

1. Choose from a high quality collection

We feature an eclectic collection of both established and emerging artists from around the world. Browse our collection and create a wishlist of artwork(s) you like.

Mishkalo also offers free, expert, curatorial consultation. Once you finalize your wishlist …

3. Now, discover the magic of crowd-funding

In a typical wedding registry, guests buy you a single discrete item. In Mishkalo, guests can contribute any amount to your registry, and buy you a gift collectively. This means you can get high-quality artwork ranging up to $15,000.

2. We create an attractive registry page for you

The registry page enables you to tell your guests what you like and why.

4. Take control of the entire buying process

No longer like what you put in your registry? Change your registry as often as you like.

Buy any item in your registry  or indeed any item in Mishkalo  whenever you have enough in your registry to pay for it.

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