The 5 Most Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

The 5 Most Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

5 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas


For centuries women have been coming together to ‘shower’ a bride with love and gifts before her big day. A bridal shower is a perfect event to celebrate a Bride’s new life as a married woman. You want your Bridal shower to be an event people remember for years to come!

Don’t plan a boring, old party with gifts and lame bridal shower games. There are plenty of activities you and your bridal party can have fun doing while celebrating your special day!

Here is a list of five unique ideas you could use for your bridal shower.


Cooking Class

Unique Bridal Shower Idea | Cooking Classes | Mishkalo


Are you a major foodie? Love eating or even taking pictures of food? Learn how to cook your favorite dish or get more comfortable in the kitchen.

A cooking class is a yummy activity to do for your bridal shower. Hire a personal chef to come to your home and follow along while they make a professional dish from scratch! You can also book a cooking class at a local restaurant or culinary school that offers private parties.

Enjoy a night of learning, cooking, and socializing for your bridal shower!


Dance Class

Unique Bridal Shower Idea | Dance Classes | Mishkalo


Not ready for your first dance on your wedding day? No Problem! Pick your favorite song, and learn a choreographed dance from a dance teacher. Even if you have no idea how to dance, this can be a fun activity for everyone. Your bridal party will have a blast learning how to move and groove to your favorite song. Look up studios near you who do private parties or hire a teacher to come to your home! Enjoy a night of dancing, laughing, and a little bit of exercise.


Create Beauty Products

Unique Bridal Shower Idea | DIY Beauty Products | Mishkalo


Learn how to create simple but classic beauty products every woman should have! Make sugar scrub, essential oils, or perfume to use on your wedding day! It is very easy to look up recipes online, buy all the supplies you need, and have a fun night! You can even make personalized bridal shower packaging to put on your new beauty products. The best part is your guests will be able to take their products home and remember your impressive party.


Health and Wellness

Unique Bridal Shower Idea | Health And Fitness Mishkalo


If you are a health nut or just need a relaxing day to spend with your girlfriends then having a health and wellness bridal shower is the perfect option for you. There are many options you can choose from. Go to a private yoga class, relax with an hour of mediation, or even hire a professional to lead you through a wellness chat. Having a health and wellness day can release the stress from your wedding and make for a relaxing bridal shower.


Virtual Paint and Sip

Unique Bridal Shower Idea |  Paint and Sip     |Mishkalo


Brides deserve to have a memorable bridal shower even when we can’t all be together! Mishkalo thinks having a beautiful item that you will cherish for the rest of your life is the perfect way to remember your wedding.

Mishkalo will host a fun evening of painting, drinking, and socializing right from your home! The best part is, we will send you all the supplies you need to create a gorgeous piece of art.

We will supply you with a canvas, paintbrushes, and paint. You will be able to learn from a professional artist and recreate a painting of your choice.

To book your virtual Paint and Sip Bridal Shower email or go to for more information.




Mishkalo is proud to partner with Kids & Art, whose’ mission is to improve the quality of pediatric cancer care by focusing on the whole child in treatment by including healing through arts in their protocol.

Visit Kids & Art’s website to learn how to get involved.


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