Arts Education: The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Art plays so many important roles in our lives. It can act as a means of self-expression, create a beautiful and inspirational space, act as a reflection of culture, and even be given as a meaningful gift to those we love.

At Mishkalo, we believe in the power of art to transform lives and communities. We are the only wedding registry for original art and our mission is to provide the most unique and meaningful options for a wedding gift while supporting artists and the art communities around us.

It all starts in the classroom, where the love for art is born. Experiencing and enjoying art has scientifically proven benefits, and as research has proven, so does studying art in the classroom.




benefits of art education


When kids experience art education, their world opens to new ideas and new skills. The art classroom is a place to get inspired, engage in healthy and productive teamwork, and absorb new perspectives and concepts. It’s the best possible time to celebrate all arts education offers kids, as September 13-19 marks National Arts in Education Week in the United States.

This special time encourages students, teachers, and their families to engage in both virtual and in-person events nationwide with art as a central focus. It also prompts adults to take notice of the ways that arts education improves kids’ lives, using them as talking points and fuel to advocate for this important portion of academia.

Wondering what art education has on offer?

  • Kids who take art classes may find feelings of relaxation and well-being easier to come by, and may also be more positive. They’re also more likely to be civically engaged, accountable, socially tolerant, and able to regulate their emotions.
  • The ability to concentrate in class, use critical thinking to solve problems, use spatial, temporal, and visual reasoning and the general use of cognitive ability are all associated with arts education.
  • Kids who fall behind socially may find art class to be an equalizer; it can encourage collaboration and participation, help them accept new people and new ideas, and increase their ability to use empathy.

Believe it or not, this is only the beginning. Take a look at this infographic from We The Parents to learn more about the benefits of arts education, and check out the Americans for the Arts website to get involved.



Autumn Barn | Artistic wedding gift idea | Wedding Registry for Art

Autumn Barn by Mishkalo Artist Barry Coombs.





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