Art and Love Letters

Art and Love Letters

Ara’s Art and Love Letters:


Ara Lucia, artist on Mishkalo creates pieces that add a unique element, love letters which speaks to Mishkalo’s mission of love. “I introduced a narrative element by using snippets of love letters between women. With these elements I explore the body, identity and intimacy”, Ara Lucia say while talking about her process.

Art with love letters

Ara Lucia also talks about her new work and how these love letters weave into her new pieces. She says, “my new work, including small bits and pieces of the text of love letters allowed me to illuminate the intimate relationship expressed by the painting.” She does this by using the text along with paint allowing for glimpses of the love letters to be seen through the paint therefore, the complete, intimate message is not completely seen.


Ara Lucia’s art can also be identified through her passion for the color blue. Her passion for this color started in the second grade with a pair of navy blue shoes and continued with her prom dress and even her wedding dress which was a deep blue. Her passion for this color has been translated into her art, making it unique along with the addition of love letters which can be added in a commissioned piece of art.



Ara as part of Mishkalo:

Art with love letters

As an artist that is part of Mishkalo, Ara Lucia and her art connect to love through the use of love letters which are unique to her pieces. Art is something that will remind the couple of their love while adding beauty to their home. She believes that marriage is something that has a major impact on people including herself saying, “Choosing artwork as a couple can be deeply meaningful. It can often symbolize aspects of a relationship, the hopes and vision the couple has for their life together.” Mishkalo looks for artists that will put the love the couple has into pieces that they will cherish for years to come.


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A wedding as unique as your love story

A wedding as unique as your love story

A wedding as unique as your love story.


Here are some unique wedding ideas for you to consider to make your wedding day special. Current wedding trends are moving away from traditional themes and wedding receptions. This change has come with a variety of unique wedding additions such as dessert tables, hanging centerpieces and personalized wedding favors that will leave your guests smiling even after the big day is over.

Dessert tables:

  • Wedding cakes are a staple but, people are going beyond that to add smaller desserts, in addition to their wedding cake, for their guests to try. This includes bunt cakes, macaroons, brownies, cookies etc.




Hanging center pieces:

  • Center pieces add beauty to a wedding reception and set the tone for the reception. By hanging the center piece, it allows for guests to see each other and interact while still enjoying the beauty of a center piece.




Personalized wedding favors:

  • Another great incorporation of art is personalized drawings of your guests for their wedding favors. It adds a  artistic flare while giving your guests a unique wedding favor they will cherish and remember your wedding by after the special day.


Wedding dessert tables, hanging center pieces and personal party favors lend themselves to be interpreted through art. Artists can capture a moment from the wedding and incorporate the beautiful wedding dessert table and hanging center pieces into a unique wedding portrait, commemorating the details that went into making the wedding special. Another great incorporation of art is personalized drawings of your guests for their wedding favors.

As a wedding registry, Mishkalo can add to your wedding by helping you incorporate these aspects into your wedding reception. We have a group of very talented artists that can paint portraits capturing these beautiful details. An artist can also provide a work of art that can be used in your wedding as a beautiful back drop for pictures. By adding these unique wedding elements you can make your wedding unique to you and your partner on your special day.

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Hot Summer Wedding Trends of 2018

Hot Summer Wedding Trends of 2018

 The new summer trend: Color, Color, Color!


This summer’s hottest trends focus on bright, vibrant  colors. While weddings are known for their simple white elegant color pallet, bright colors are making their way into the big day. Colors that are in this summer fall under the category of sophisticated bright colors such as pink, orange, bright blue and purple. While colors can be overwhelming says to use two hues and an accent color. This combination will bring your reception space together beautifully.

Working color into the wedding:

  • Bright multicolored center pieces
  • Brightly colored floral arrangements
  • A bright single colored center piece
  • Bright table linens


Adding a pop of color can also come in the form of back drops for pictures during the reception. Finding the right background for pictures that will be cherished for the years following can be difficult but this will allow for family and friends to pose in front of the piece of you like.

Mishkalo has a variety of brightly colored pieces in our collection that can add a pop of color to any wedding reception and in keeping with the new hottest summer trend for weddings. We are a unique wedding registry where family and friends can come together and buy the couple a unique artwork.  Couple can choose a specific piece or have one commissioned for their special day. While the art piece will add color and beauty it can also finding a spot in the newlyweds’ house for the years to come, to commemorate their special day.

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Signs And Signals | Classy second marriage gift idea | Mishkalo Bridal Registry

Signs And Signals by Mishkalo Artist Lynn Taetzsch.

a unique wedding gift to cherish forever.

a unique wedding gift to cherish forever.