Ephemeral Energy by Diane Leon won a Special Merit Award Category.
Charu | May 6, 2018
Diane Leon. Abstract Artist. “Abstraction gives me a sense of freedom”.

Diane Leon an abstract artist on Mishkalo.

Diane Leon an abstract artist on Mishkalo.

Recently One of Diane’s  paintings   “Ephemeral Energy” shown above received a Special Merit Award at an online Juried abstract exhibition by LifeSpaceTime.  They had 952 entries from 29 counties and 40 states.


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Fiesta by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

We asked Diane why this was important and what it meant to her in terms of her art and recognition as an artist.

Diane says ” Online Juried abstract exhibitions are a good way to create a larger audience of my work. Since 2016 entering this international exhibition, (lightspacetime.art) I have won an award three consecutive years for my paintings in these highly competitive shows.

All my abstract artworks are painted in vivid and high energy colors. The intimate size I work in offers options to collectors. It can stand on its own as a piece on the wall, in a bookcase or part of a group collection.

As an adjunct associate professor of arts at New York University, School of Professional Studies, the Arts faculty is hosting in May 2018 a “Humanities” event showcasing the work of the students.The selected students will exhibit works from last year’s painting class and my current Collage and Mixed Media class. The enthusiasm I have for teaching is reflected in their works. I am proud to be a part of NYU since 1995 and continue to give back as a professor and mentor. ”


More of Diane’s Vibrant and colorful abstracts. Her paintings will bring life and cheer to any room. Her colors are bold and bright and will match any furniture that you have in your room.


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Epiphany by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

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Resolution by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

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Enlightenment by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.