Emma Kriho | May 29, 2018

Wedding Trends: The After-Party.


Did Someone Say After-Party?

While the ceremony encompasses the purpose of the wedding celebration, a well thought-out reception has the potential to become the highlight of the evening. After all, everyone has come to celebrate the happy couple! But a new trend in 2018 may be shifting the focus from the post-ceremony reception to a post-reception after-party. So what could this mean for on-trend brides who want to add extra festivities to their special day?

First off, what’s a wedding after-party?

A wedding after-party is pretty much what it sounds like. The idea of a party after the main reception is gaining popularity among brides in 2018, so don’t be too surprised if your most recent wedding invites feature late-night gatherings. Since this is such a new trend, the structure of such after-parties are essentially up in the air, so the bride and groom can really utilize this option to personalize their night. Whether this after-party will include all the guests, adults only, or close friends and family are only some of the customizable opportunities this after-party provides.

Let Me Slip into Something More Comfortable…

The idea of an after reception gathering allows brides the possibility of a second outfit for the evening. Brides could keep on their wedding gowns or ceremony looks for the entirety of the ceremony and reception, and later change into a more comfortable or flashier second option for the after-party. Whether they would opt for a short cocktail dress, a flowing jumpsuit, or light maxi dress is up to the bride and is another opportunity to showcase her wedding style.

For Your Late Night Cravings…

With the potential addition of a after-party comes the delicious possibility of more food. And who doesn’t love food, especially at a party? The after-party provides the perfect potential for late-night bites that could range from burger sliders to classy finger-foods. The possibilities are endless! Plus, if you and your finace share a passion for a certain dish or fast food joint, this could be the perfect chance to throw in another personal touch (and no doubt thrill your guests).

More Venues, More Fun!

Every party needs a great space, and a post-reception get together is the perfect opportunity to keep guests on their feet as they explore the new location. This could mean an entirely different venue, like a rooftop patio or even a backyard pool, or just a smaller, more intimate room within your reception venue. An additional after-party can be a much more personal affair, so don’t be afraid to choose whatever you’ll enjoy most.

The Element of Surprise…

I’m sure there are many people who would think that a second event in the night could be overkill, but there are so many ways to make an after-party exciting and different. Inviting a new band or keeping the second party a surprise are just two ways you can make the party thrilling for both you and your guests.


Receptions typically come with expectations because they have been the norm for so many years, but a unique post-reception party provides brides the potential to envision an entirely customizable gathering to make her special night even more intimate. If you are looking to maintain some traditional respects for your wedding while adding personal flare, an after-party could be the perfect solution! Happy planning!




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