Wedding Reception Trend
Charu | June 11, 2017

Wedding reception styles have changed over the years and couples are looking for creative ways to wow their guests. wedding reception. Here are four new trends for 2017.


  • The couples seating & décor have become more plush and royal. Luxury rental companies offer vintage velvet love seats to mid-century lounges etc. You can have a beautiful decorated umbrella or a chandelier hanging above you.


  • You can enter the venue in style with a red carpet and a live band playing some romantic tunes serenading you.


  • You can delight your guests even before they are seated with consumable place cards. You can place champagne flutes with each guest’s name and table number placed on the rim. Or place personal loaves of bread at each place setting with their names attached to it.


  • You can make your reception unique and personal with some decorations that bring out your personality. If you are an art lover, put some of your favorite art around the room. Or invite an artist and have him/her paint a picture of your reception. You could also have a collage of all your pictures and display it along with a story of when and how you two met.