Emma Kriho | June 25, 2018

Unique Wedding Day Treats for Dessert Enthusiasts

Let them eat cake! After a long night of crying happy tears for the newlyweds and showing off their best moves on the dance floor, your guests are bound to be craving a delicious, sugary treat, but there are oh, so many ways to oblige! Why should creativity stop short of the cake? If you’re looking for a little something sweet for your special day that will wow the crowds, we’ve got you covered with some of the latest wedding cake trends.


Make ‘Em Mini!

Desserts are awesome as it is, but make them tiny, and they become adorable and delicious! Some smaller options include mini pies, cupcakes, donuts, cake pops, macaroons, donut holes, or even pancakes! Individual desserts are also an opportunity for more flavors, so if you can’t decide between chocolate supreme or sweet strawberry, you won’t have to.

More Tiers, No Tears!

While tiered cakes have been a wedding staple for years, miniature dessert options need somewhere to go, and thus the reign of tiers continues. These tiers can hold any dessert option in an aesthetically beautiful way, and the platforms themselves can be made out of any material to perfectly suit the character of your celebration.

Calling All Shapes and Sizes

While the classic cakes are typically circles, a greater variety of shapes have been on the rise. From hexagons to domes, couples are getting creative with the geometric shapes they choose for their cakes. And uniformity is no longer a given; couples are choosing to use different sizes and shapes for each tier of the cake, giving traditional cake an edgy twist. Croquembouche cakes are also becoming popular, made up of desserts of all kinds, from meringue to macaroons.

What about Décor?

The decoration is usually the most eye-catching aspect of a wedding cake, and these trends are definitely no exception. Just as geometry is shaping the cakes themselves, triangles and hexagon patterns and accents are becoming popular touches on today’s wedding cakes. Metallic accents of silver and gold or watercolors on white add classic elegance and an artsy vibe to minimalistic cakes. Some couples are opting for less frosting on their cakes, exposing the colors of the layers or embellishing with flower decorations.

Add Some Art!

Art is a great outlet for expressing your personal style, so why not incorporate it into your wedding cake! More and more couples are choosing some of their favorite artworks to serve as inspiration for their wedding cake designs. From post-impressionism to pop art, art can be an amazing way to create a wedding day dessert that is both beautiful and meaningful. The Mishkalo website is full of gorgeous artworks to inspire your wedding cake, and to register for to display in your home for years to come! Whether you’d prefer to display your artistic style through hand-painted cakes or artful decorations, Mishkalo registry pieces are sure to inspire!


The wedding cake is undoubtedly a delicious touch to your big day, but if you want some sugar to sweeten up the celebration, don’t feel restrained to the typical white tiers! These fun new trends are sure to excite guests, and give you creative control of your wedding day. Whatever your favorite sugary treat is, there’s a fun, creative way to incorporate it into your big day!


Photos courtesy of: https://www.brides.com/gallery/unique-wedding-cakes