Mariah Wilbat | November 28, 2018

The Elements Of Astrology: Best Honeymoon Destinations For Fire Couples


Now that you have finally found the element that fits your couple style let’s see which Honeymoon Destinations would be the best getaway for you to celebrate the new love together. Honeymoon places can be adventurous  destinations or as calm as soaking up the sun on the beach. Take a peak at all these best honeymoon destinations and find the one that speaks to the both of you!

 Ignite the Fire with these Best Honeymoon Destinations

This is the element that represents energy, being the only element that shines,  it brings a relentless force. Strong minded and connected to movement. With a love that is passionate, understanding and never dull fire elements always have a spark to life. Adventures happen anywhere, being able to jump into anything is the fire elements expertise. They love stepping out onto the path less traveled. That’s why we choose these adventurous honeymoon destinations with the fire element in mind. With the adventure to continue even years down the road, spoil yourselves with an outstanding honeymoon.

Selfoss, Iceland

Where else in the world besides Iceland can you scuba dive at the fault line between two tectonic plates and see the northern lights at the same time? That unique activity is far from the only exciting reason to visit the Nordic nation of fire and ice for your best dream honeymoon destination. Find experience in trekking through lava fields and snowmobiling in the black ash deserts while you and your partner celebrate your new marriage.

Don’t forget to pack:

  1. Passport
  2. Hiking Shoes
  3. Bathing suit
  4. Bum-bag (Fanny pack)

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Hayman Island, Australia

Who wouldn’t want to take a helicopter ride to the great barrier reef for a honeymoon getaway? With almost everything at sea level, snorkeling, diving and underwater seabob (whatever that is) can make your honeymoon come to life. Visiting Australia will really add a spark to your new marriage and memory of a lifetime for the two of you.


Add these key items to your packing list:

  1. Bathing suit
  2. Flip-flops
  3. Passport
  4. Sunglasses

Honeymoon resort destination-

Cappadocia, Turkey

Does spending a night in a cave sound like the best honeymoon destination of your dreams? Well, if it does, It could be the first stop on your lively honeymoon! With Goreme National Park desert’s and beautiful natural rock formations you will be swept away in the wonderous views of Turkey. Oh and did we mention a bike ride through the vineyard valleys?

Headed to the vineyard with these in my bag:

  1. Scarf/Pashmina for cover
  2. Camera
  3. Backpack
  4. Comfortable Shoes

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