Mishkalo Presents

Shades of Autumn Art Exhibition


Join us September 22nd until October 31st

A Fall-Themed  Art Exhibition showcasing our many talented artists and their amazing artwork.

The Exhibition features 30 pieces and 21 artists. All of the artists and their artwork can be found on our website.

There you can buy or add the pieces to your registry, or if you would just like to know more about our artists!

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We are excited to introduce Rynn Nadeau as a special Curator in this Exhibit.

Rynn is very passionate about interior design and filling homes with unique pieces of art. Rynn said “Original art takes a home to the next level. Nothing will ever compare to having a piece, or pieces of original art as it speaks to the soul and warms a room.

Art says many things and brings beauty into the world. It draws emotions out of the viewer and allows us to examine our different perspectives in light of an artists’ rendition of the truth. Art can bring all of your décor elements together and provide a space with feeling.”

Please visit Rynn’s Instagram: @redefined_home_designs

Mishkalo is proud to partner with Kids & Art, whose’ mission is to improve the quality of pediatric cancer care by focusing on the whole child in treatment by including healing through arts in their protocol.

If you buy a piece of artwork from Shades of Autumn we will donate 5% to Kids & Art!

Visit Kids & Art’s website to learn how to get involved.

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