Meghan Horton & Daniel Chong

July 11, 2020

Aurora, IL

Your presence at our Wedding is the greatest gift of all. However, if you wish to honor us with a gift, we have registered here at Mishkalo, a wedding gift registry for art.

Your contribution will go toward a unique and memorable gift – an artwork that we can cherish as a memory of our wedding day and your presence on that memorable occasion.

Artwork chosen by Meghan & Daniel (click for details)

Cheetah Stride by Alison Nichols.
45x33, $6000

Stained Glass Pieces by Jessica Sawyers.
30x40, $2100

Pink Nimbus 3 by Wendy Foster.
10x10, $249

Sunset Dance by Jessica Sawyers.
14x14, $160

Purple Light by Ira Ivanova.
32x24, $1000

Your gift for Meghan & Daniel ?

Why art makes the perfect wedding gift …

Original art is one-of-a-kind like a marriage. It is a gift that the couple will cherish forever as a symbol of their marriage and love for each other.

How does group gifting work?

Your contribution will be added to the value of the registry so that the couple can get one or more of their favorite artwork. Your name will be added to the back of the artwork so they can remember your gift  and your blessing.

Gifts to this registry so far: $ 0

Still needs

$160 for one piece and

$9509 for all pieces