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How does the registry work?

This is a high level view of how the Mishkalo Registry works.

(a) Once logged in, you can browse through our collection and add any artwork to your “wishlist“. Think of the wishlist as a short list of artwork you like.

(b) Since we get new artwork everyday, feel free to browse periodically and add or remove from your wishlist.

(c) When you have narrowed down your shortlist and ready to publish your wishlist to your guests, click on the  “Finalize Our Wishlist” on your sidebar. This enables us to create an attractive Registry Page for you and publish it to your guests. This registry page is aimed at communicating why you chose the specific artwork and what makes you like them.

(d) You can promote your registry page in anyway you like. Or if you provide us the emails of your guests, Mishkalo will be happy to promote your registry page on your behalf.

(e) Your guests will be able to see how much has been contributed to your registry and what have been some of the contributions, without the name of the contributors revealed.

(f) At any point, you can buy any artwork with or by adding to your registry.

(g) When your buy the piece of art, it will be delivered to you at the address you specify (sorry, US address only).

Your registry stays open until your wedding date. Any money left in your registry will be reimbursed to you in the form of a Mishkalo gift card.




What if I change my mind after I select a piece of art for my registry?

Yes – you can change your mind anytime and replace it with a different one remove it altogether from your registry.

When will my art be shipped once I buy the artwork?

If the artist is from the US, you can expect the art to arrive in 6 to 7 business days. In case you want to return it, please let us know within 3 business days and if you return the artwork undamaged, you’ll receive the refund Mishkalo credit that you can use to buy anything else. At your request we can also add an estimated shipping price to the price of art when listed in your registry.

If your artist is from outside the US, depending on where they from, it may take 12 to 15 business days.

Who pays for shipping?

When you add an item to your registry, we’ll provide you an estimate for shipping.

We give you the option of listing (a) only the price of the artwork you chose for your registry or the option of listing ths price plus the cost of shipping.

You can also pay for shipping from any left over cash in your registry.

Sometimes, we may run promotions that may offer free shipping.

What if I really want to buy an artwork and don’t want to lose it to another buyer while my guests pay for it?

Couples have the option of buying any art by paying for it (either with their own money, or paying the difference between the price of the artwork and what is currently in their registry).

Mishkalo will continue to keep your registry alive until the date of your wedding and refund you any cash that is subsequently contributed by your guests until the date of your wedding.

What happens to any left over cash in my registry?
Mishkalo will issue a gift card for the remaining amount left in your registry for future purchases. The reason we cannot offer you a refund in cash is that the money has been paid for by your guests on a certain pretext. Therefore, we want to honor our original commitment to your guests and not turn Mishkalo into a cash collection registry.

Summary of Terms & Conditions

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Full text of the terms and conditions

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