What is Mishkalo?

Mishkalo Wedding Registry makes quality original art affordable for wedding couples.

Mishkalo’s curated collection includes top and emerging artists and a wide range of artistic styles.

Couples can buy any artwork they like and their guests can crowd-fund a uniqe wedding registry.

Our slogan is “Paint your marriage in color“.

How Mishkalo Started

How it started …

The idea for Mishkalo started, interestingly, with a thank you note we received from a couple. The note thanked us profusely for the thoughtful blender we had given them as a wedding gift. We thought it was a nice gesture and that was that.

And a few days later, we found the gift receipt. We had bought them a set of wine glasses, not a blender. That struck us as a double irony – neither the couple nor we remembered what the gift was. Perhaps because the couple did not need a blender or wine glasses; and we probably did not spend a second to think ponder what would be an appropriate wedding gift for them – we probably picked the next item in their department-store wedding registry that nobody else had bought yet.

How does Mishkalo work?

Signup and create a registry

Engaged couples can sign up for a registry on our website. They can fill in some basic information first and a registry page will be created. They can select artwork at any time they want and add it to the registry.


Discover the magic of crowdfunding

Guests can contribute any amount to a registry, and couples can buy one or more artwork.

Have fun choosing your gift

We make choosing the artwork fun and easy for engaged couples.

They can browse our changing collection from time to time. Look at our weekly recommendations tailored to their taste. Bookmark their favorites. A fun activity for the two during their engagement.

Get expert help anytime

Deciding what artwork to buy can be overwhelming. We provide expert help in choosing and deciding.

Whether the engaged couples are a collector or looking to decorate their home, our experts in art and interior decoration provide weekly suggestions. And they are available for expert consultation whenever they want.

Company Facts

Mishkalo was founded in June 2017.

Headquartered in the Chicago area.

Primarily a web based wedding registry. The website is www.mishkalo.com

Mishkalo carries a curated collection of original paintings, glass art, sculptures and furniture created by artists from around the world.

Mishkalo was founded by Charu Swaminathan.

Her husband Kishore Swaminathan is an advisor and Co-founder.

Press Release

Chicago based company launched with new & classy option for Wedding Registries.  Mishkalo encourages engaged couples to register for Original Art and not untilitarian items like pots and pans.  Mishkalo is an online art wedding registry that is now available to engaged couples throughout the United States.  Mishkalo’s website is https://mishkalo.com and the full press kit is available at https://mishkalo.com/press/. […]

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