Charu | June 26, 2018
Perfection is in the Details: Make Every Penny Count on Your Big Day

We all know weddings can be expensive. Making every penny count is important in planning your special day. Although some may think that it is okay to go all out on your big day, it is also okay to look for creative ways to stay on budget and maybe even save a few bucks. Details can range from the table centerpiece to the lighting, it all depends on your aesthetic.

Inexpensive details that will put your wedding over the top without breaking the bank:


Less can be more. Simple weddings can be just as beautiful as weddings that have flashy and expensive details. There are also various ways to mimic the expensive ideas using simple inexpensive hacks.Simplicity can go a long way. It also helps avoid a clutter of ideas that can make a wedding seem unorganized. Yes, there are so many things that people want to pack into one day but it is important to stick to the ideas you really like rather than all of the ideas you can come up with. This will make your aesthetic clear to your guests.


For a smaller wedding, consider doing a Pinterest inspired guest bag, for those who are into DIY. By doing this, you can personalize them and add unique elements. Buying in bulk is key for wedding favors. This is another way you can save some money. By creating your own wedding favors, you can eliminate the cost, as well as the stress, of getting them from a website risking delivery delays.



Lighting can change the dynamic of the space you have chosen. Candles are perfect for creating a more intimate space. This detail will add elegance and the romance your wedding already is exuding the feeling! Candles are also a detail that can help you cut the cost of flowers, which have been shown to be a bit expensive. Adding a mixture of candles and smaller inexpensive flowers, baby’s breath perhaps, will create a unique, elegant centerpiece for your guests. By cutting the cost of flowers and adding inexpensive candles, you can create an inexpensive yet elegant center piece.

A few inexpensive tricks to add beautiful details to your special day!