Emma Kriho | July 16, 2018

I Do or I Don’t: Picking the Perfect Wedding Favor

Especially in recent years, the wedding industry has changed. Couples are creating more personal, customized wedding details that really showcase their preferences. In attempting to personalize their big days, couples have reinvented, or disregarded altogether, some traditional wedding elements that were once a given.

One of the mostly recently departed: the wedding favor. Sure, who doesn’t like to get a gift? But it can be challenging to draw the line between what’s worth spending your time and money on, and what’s going to be quickly thrown away once the festivities have ended.

You want your guests to remember your special day, and thank them for being part of celebrating your marriage! To ensure your guests love your favors and how they represent your wedding, here are some inspo-worthy ideas. Get those creative juices flowing!

Bottle Openers

These favors may not be the most original idea, but this is an item that looks classy and thoughtful, and shouldn’t break the bank. They are also super customizable, so finding a shape, color, or message that really represents you and your partner should be easy! If you and your fiancé are beer fanatics, this is a great way to incorporate that passion! Hand out the favors with place cards at the beginning of the reception so your guests can utilize their gifts throughout the night as they enjoy your hand-selected IPA.


Bottle it Up!

Little bottled favors are double-duty: adorable and useful! And you can bottle just about anything! If you love to cook, try a bottle of your favorite olive oil. If you’re super picky about your drinks, hand out little bottles of your signature cocktail! Bottling anything from candy to drinks to seashells is an inexpensive way to thank your guests with a little token and add a ton of personal flair.


Natural Touches

If you and your fiancé are the outdoorsy types, bring that into your favors! Have a thing for gardening? Give your guests tiny potted plants they can grow in a garden of their own. It’ll always remind them of you two while they’re enjoying their fresh cut blooms or yummy basil. Or opt for seeds if you really want to give the full outdoor experience! Small lanterns or s’mores sticks are perfect for the couple who loves to camp, and will definitely be utilized on their next camping excursion.


The Way to My Guests’ Heart…Is Through Their Stomachs

Food and drinks are always great favor ideas because you know your guests are definitely going to use them! Your favorite whisky or personalized cookie are adorable ways to add more of what you love into your special day, and they taste amazing! Individualized desserts and cute containers are some of the best options if you want to give a favor but don’t know what your guests would use. You can even provide a variety of take-home dessert options so you’re certain your guests will leave with something they’ll love (besides the memories, of course!).


Artistic Elements

Add some creative flair with artsy favors! Personalized place cards or small canvases on easels are cute and add elegance to your table settings. The compilation of artworks will fill the space with color, and each guest will leave with something very personal and beautiful, and unforgettable token of your big day! If you need help with some cool favors made by artists contact Mishkalo  at info@mishkalo.com.


Get Creative!

The best favors are the most personal; everyone will love whatever you give them if they can tell it’s something you put time into, so really think about what you’d love to receive. Potpourri, temporary tattoos, fans, coasters, mix CDs, and incense are all small details that can be incorporated into

your wedding and really wow your guests.