artist Dana Swasko on Mishkalo.
Charu | January 1, 2018

 Hi I am Dana Swasko – Portrait Artist on Mishkalo.

“By creating portraits, be it a person or a home, I feel I am freezing moments in time around me, as though I am capturing the character of my time period in my own way.”

Working from my customer’s photos, I create a black and white custom charcoal portrait. I try to capture ever little detail I can, and for intimate wedding portraits, the facial expressions are everything. I love making these moments come to life in another medium. Recently, I have been incorporating graphite for smooth skin tones. Another technique that I really enjoy implementing is white ink.
I love bringing to life all my subjects, and getting to be involved in that special day through my art is something I look forward to!
Here is a peek into my current work in progress.
Wedding Portrait by artist Dana Swasko on Mishkalo.

Wedding Portrait by artist Dana Swasko

This portrait is very special to me because it is a photo from my Cousin Rachel’s wedding. It meant a lot when she approached me to draw a portrait of their joyous moment together. Rachel and Carlos are such a close couple, and their faces really capture the joy of the day.
Everything about their wedding was gorgeous, from her dress to her flowers to the spirit they brought being so happy together. By using the white ink to pop out the brightness of her flowers, dress and veil, I really think it reflects upon a bright and stunning moment in their lives.
I look forward to finishing it and giving it to them so they can always look back on their special day and this particular moment.
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