Emma Kriho | June 11, 2018

Photo Courtesy of Katie Stoops

Modern Art Inspiration for a Modern Day Wedding

More couples today are looking to add twists to make their special day uniquely personal, but couples interested in art may be left to question how they can integrate their favorite art styles into their wedding. For the modern art lovers, here is some inspiration for bringing elements of modern art into our wedding photography.

An editorial collaboration between Type A Society and photographer Katie Stoops pushes wedding day norms through their use of color and texture to create an artistic vibe. Every element from the dress to the décor was chosen to inspire couples with a passion for art and are looking for creative ways to incorporate their artsy sides into their big day.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Stoops


The dress used in the shoot is by designer Mira Zwillinger, and features plenty of unique design qualities that make it an inspiration-worthy ensemble for the outside-the-box bride. The dress features lace flowers from top to bottom, sheer cloth, and a sweetheart neckline, making it the perfect mix of traditional aspects youthful, modern twists.

The collaboration also featured two painted backdrops for photographing the couple. Bright yellow, pink, and red stripes melt into dripping flowers, and splattered greens mesh with surrounding ferns to create artistic and original wedding photos that compliment and emphasize the bride and groom themselves.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Stoops





The wedding décor and cakes that were assembled for the shoot are minimalistic, a popular millennial trend, while still retaining a lot of unique character. From plain white frosting with fern leaves, to a white cake that appears to be water-colored, these cakes inspire admiration for their simplistic elegance and style.

Photo Courtesy of Katie Stoops



This collaboration between Type A Society and Katie Stoops is a gorgeous representation of modern couples’ take on wedding day modern art. Although utilizing elements of art in a wedding make be a more non-traditional route, couples are becoming more creative in finding ways to use what they love to make their

special day personal.

Check out the collaboration! Here.





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