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A Unique Style of Painting: Dot Painting

A Unique Style of Painting: Dot Painting     What is DOT Painting? Dot paintings originated with the Australian Aboriginal tribe. Before Indigenous Australian art was ever put onto canvas, the Aboriginal people would smooth over the soil to draw sacred...

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Abstract Paintings in Blue

Abstract Paintings in Blue   - Abstract art is art that does not represent any visual reality but the use of colors and shapes and lines helps achieve its effect. It is also known as being a part of Modern Art which includes artistic work produced during the period...

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Modern Luxury Event

 Evening with Modern Luxury   Can a trio of acoustic Guitar, Cello and Violin produce the sounds of a wedding band? Produced by Cagen Music of Chicago, ‘Chitarra’ – is an innovative kind of music with just three players who can play hip modern songs to traditional...

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Original Art as Unique Wedding Gift

4 Reasons to get Original Art as a Wedding Gift “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. Pablo Picasso  Why ask for art as part of your wedding registry?  Maybe you already have all the household things such as pots, pans, towels & blender and...

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Wedding Reception- Must Read New Trends

Wedding reception styles have changed over the years and couples are looking for creative ways to wow their guests. wedding reception. Here are four new trends for 2017.   The couples seating & décor have become more plush and royal. Luxury rental companies...

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