A new wave of weddings: Fun wedding ideas to incorporate into your wedding

A new wave of weddings: Fun wedding ideas to incorporate into your wedding

Charu | July 3, 2018

A new wave of weddings: Fun wedding ideas to incorporate into your wedding

Yanni Design Studio’s Stunning set up at Thursday Therapy  give us some serious wedding goals.

Everyone wants their wedding to be the best. So what is the best mean these days? Traditional wedding can still be fun but trends are changing. There are a variety of new fun wedding ideas. A few of them include a twist to the way your guests eat.

Mishkalo CEO, Charu Swaminathan, recently attended an event called Thursday Therapy. Thursday Therapy is a unique showcase of different wedding vendors. Vendors set up as they would to work a wedding. By doing this, they can show what they have to offer potential clients such as wedding planners, brides etc.

So what are these fun wedding trends? 

Different types of “bars” have become popular. It allows guests t have a fun wedding experience but making their food unique to them. They can create what they would like to have while still enjoying your food choice for the reception


Guacamole bar:

Talk about  fun wedding ideas! This bar includes plain guacamole with a variety of traditional along with some not so traditional toppings. The topping include tomato, red onion, cilantro, jalapeño as well as diced mango and pineapple.




Ceviche bar:

Ceviche is a Mexican dish that is a mixture of cold seafood, onion, cilantro and a variety of other ingredients. This delicious dish would be a create addition to a wedding especially at an outdoor reception on a hot day.





Dipsy is a unique service that allows you to make your own ice cream popsicle. This is a fun wedding idea for a different spin on deserts. This service also allows you to make a unique wedding decal that they can put onto an edible piece of chocolate to add an extra touch to your special dessert.





Yanni Design Studio created a beautiful atmosphere perfect for a wedding reception. The space had a stunning back drop in place for guests to take photos.With social media at a high, this was the perfect addition for guests to take photos.The backdrop seen below, as well as the rest of the set up is the work of Yanni Design Studio.

With the addition of art,your back drop will be different and unique as your wedding. Mishkalo’s unique wedding registry lets you have your piece on display at your reception.

These fun wedding ideas a just a few to get you thinking about how spectacular your wedding can be!

If you want more inspiration check out  Yanni Design Studio

Tel: 847.419.9999



Perfection is in the Details: Make Every Penny Count on Your Big Day

Perfection is in the Details: Make Every Penny Count on Your Big Day

Charu | June 26, 2018
Perfection is in the Details: Make Every Penny Count on Your Big Day

We all know weddings can be expensive. Making every penny count is important in planning your special day. Although some may think that it is okay to go all out on your big day, it is also okay to look for creative ways to stay on budget and maybe even save a few bucks. Details can range from the table centerpiece to the lighting, it all depends on your aesthetic.

Inexpensive details that will put your wedding over the top without breaking the bank:


Less can be more. Simple weddings can be just as beautiful as weddings that have flashy and expensive details. There are also various ways to mimic the expensive ideas using simple inexpensive hacks.Simplicity can go a long way. It also helps avoid a clutter of ideas that can make a wedding seem unorganized. Yes, there are so many things that people want to pack into one day but it is important to stick to the ideas you really like rather than all of the ideas you can come up with. This will make your aesthetic clear to your guests.


For a smaller wedding, consider doing a Pinterest inspired guest bag, for those who are into DIY. By doing this, you can personalize them and add unique elements. Buying in bulk is key for wedding favors. This is another way you can save some money. By creating your own wedding favors, you can eliminate the cost, as well as the stress, of getting them from a website risking delivery delays.



Lighting can change the dynamic of the space you have chosen. Candles are perfect for creating a more intimate space. This detail will add elegance and the romance your wedding already is exuding the feeling! Candles are also a detail that can help you cut the cost of flowers, which have been shown to be a bit expensive. Adding a mixture of candles and smaller inexpensive flowers, baby’s breath perhaps, will create a unique, elegant centerpiece for your guests. By cutting the cost of flowers and adding inexpensive candles, you can create an inexpensive yet elegant center piece.

A few inexpensive tricks to add beautiful details to your special day!

Making the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams: Room 1520

Making the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams: Room 1520

Charu | June 19, 2018

Making the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams: Room 1520


Image from Room 1520.com gallery

The perfect wedding venue can be a difficult decision to make. With so many amazing wedding venues in the city of Chicago and all over the country, the right one can be a tough choice. It is important to pick one that allows for your to make it your own. Aesthetic is key to creating a unique space that is compatible with the aesthetic of your partner.

With this in mind, it is important that couples take time to assess what exactly it is that they want from a wedding venue. Each wedding is unique so why not look for a unique venue that can be made specifically for you?

Room 1520 is a beautiful wedding venue that has simplicity and elegance while being a unique space. The simplicity may be a turn off for some but, with the use of imagination, the simplicity may be what makes it the perfect space for your special day.


Room 1520 is a unique space on 1520 W. Fulton. With 4,000 square feet, the space can seat up to 150 people for a seated dinner with a dance floor. There is also a beautiful white marble vintage bar that adds a unique detail to this wedding venue.


Image from Room 1520.com gallery

Other features that will add to your dream wedding venue is their roof top that has a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline. Capturing the skyline in your wedding pictures will create beautiful pictures that will last a life time.

With this space, you are able to create your ideal wedding venue. The white walls and open spaces lend themselves perfectly to adding pieces of art that will customize the space.

Customization is important to make this wedding venue yours on your special day. The simple addition of a few pieces can change the aesthetic of the space.  Let your family and friends see your style as a couple.

Pick Your Pieces

 Mishkalo can add the personal touches that will make this venue yours. Though our website you can make a wedding registry, picking out pieces that describe you and your significant other. These pieces can then be transported to the wedding venue adding special touches to a unique space such as Room 1520.

Image from Room 1520.com gallery with art added


Another special addition you can consider is having a painting commissioned for your big day. The paintings will make for beautiful back drops for you and your guests. This gift keeps on giving, once your reception is over, the painting that made your wedding venue beautiful will make your home just as stunning!

Image from Room 1520.com gallery with art added





Art Gallery Wedding

Art Gallery Wedding

Charu | June 14, 2018

Becky Brown Photography

Art Galley Wedding

Anna and Paul, an adventurous couple who love music, art and traveling recently got married. Their love for art led them to a unique wedding venue.

They got married at the Jackson Junge Gallery. in Chicago. Picking this venue resonated with their style and aesthetic, it emphasized their love for art creating a beautiful back drop for their wedding. The gallery was accommodating and helped them create a special space the way they had envisioned it.




Carrie Holbo Photography

Wedding photographer, Becky Brown who also owns ‘Elope to Chicago’ captured the ceremony. Becky integrated the art into the various wedding pictures she took. By having a variety of colors and paintings, she was able to capture the beautiful details of their special day and their special venue both inside as well as outside. The Wicker Park Street festival added more excitement and colors to their photos shot outside the venue.

The walls of the gallery were filled with beautiful pieces giving Anna and Paul’s family and friends an idea. In a spur of the moment decision, their guests pooled together to buy them a piece of art from the gallery where the wedding was held.

This was not the only piece of art that they received as a gift. Another friend bought the couple a piece of art that reminded them of their bachelor party. Both paintings signified important events in their wedding celebration.



Becky Brown Photography

Mishkalo is opening doors for couples like Anna and Paul who appreciate art. We aim to help couples get art into their first shared space as husband and wife. Mishkalo is unique in the way that it does this because it is a wedding registry for art.

Couples can receive a unique gift of art, which they have picked out, helping turn their house into a home with the help of their friends and family. The piece can also be incorporated into the wedding or reception. The piece will add an artistic element for friends and family to enjoy by using it as a back drop for pictures or simply to admire the beauty it brings to the already beautiful event.



Mishkalo can go a step further and make your piece of art unique to you and your wedding day by commissioning a Mishkalo artist of your choice to paint a photo that was captured at your wedding. A wedding photographer captures the special moments that can be translated into beautiful pieces of art. Weddings can be expensive but it is important to capture the memories that will last a lifetime.

Want to create a unique wedding registry for art?  click here –  Create Registry

Art and Love Letters

Art and Love Letters

Charu | June 5, 2018

Ara’s Art and Love Letters:


Ara Lucia, artist on Mishkalo creates pieces that add a unique element, love letters which speaks to Mishkalo’s mission of love. “I introduced a narrative element by using snippets of love letters between women. With these elements I explore the body, identity and intimacy”, Ara Lucia say while talking about her process.

Art with love letters

Ara Lucia also talks about her new work and how these love letters weave into her new pieces. She says, “my new work, including small bits and pieces of the text of love letters allowed me to illuminate the intimate relationship expressed by the painting.” She does this by using the text along with paint allowing for glimpses of the love letters to be seen through the paint therefore, the complete, intimate message is not completely seen.


Ara Lucia’s art can also be identified through her passion for the color blue. Her passion for this color started in the second grade with a pair of navy blue shoes and continued with her prom dress and even her wedding dress which was a deep blue. Her passion for this color has been translated into her art, making it unique along with the addition of love letters which can be added in a commissioned piece of art.



Ara as part of Mishkalo:

Art with love letters

As an artist that is part of Mishkalo, Ara Lucia and her art connect to love through the use of love letters which are unique to her pieces. Art is something that will remind the couple of their love while adding beauty to their home. She believes that marriage is something that has a major impact on people including herself saying, “Choosing artwork as a couple can be deeply meaningful. It can often symbolize aspects of a relationship, the hopes and vision the couple has for their life together.” Mishkalo looks for artists that will put the love the couple has into pieces that they will cherish for years to come.


If you would like to create a unique wedding registry, click here  Create Registry

Hot Summer Wedding Trends of 2018

Hot Summer Wedding Trends of 2018

Charu | May 27, 2018

 The new summer trend: Color, Color, Color!


This summer’s hottest trends focus on bright, vibrant  colors. While weddings are known for their simple white elegant color pallet, bright colors are making their way into the big day. Colors that are in this summer fall under the category of sophisticated bright colors such as pink, orange, bright blue and purple. While colors can be overwhelming theknot.com says to use two hues and an accent color. This combination will bring your reception space together beautifully.

Working color into the wedding:

  • Bright multicolored center pieces
  • Brightly colored floral arrangements
  • A bright single colored center piece
  • Bright table linens


Adding a pop of color can also come in the form of back drops for pictures during the reception. Finding the right background for pictures that will be cherished for the years following can be difficult but this will allow for family and friends to pose in front of the piece of you like.

Mishkalo has a variety of brightly colored pieces in our collection that can add a pop of color to any wedding reception and in keeping with the new hottest summer trend for weddings. We are a unique wedding registry where family and friends can come together and buy the couple a unique artwork.  Couple can choose a specific piece or have one commissioned for their special day. While the art piece will add color and beauty it can also finding a spot in the newlyweds’ house for the years to come, to commemorate their special day.

Create you Dream Registry here –  Create Registry


Signs And Signals | Classy second marriage gift idea | Mishkalo Bridal Registry

Signs And Signals by Mishkalo Artist Lynn Taetzsch.

a unique wedding gift to cherish forever.

a unique wedding gift to cherish forever.

Art for the Millennial Generation

Art for the Millennial Generation

Charu | May 23, 2018

The Milleninial Generation is quite different from the previous generation. Having grown up with the Internet, these tech-savvy individuals have a very different perspective on the world. They have developed different values, like environmental sustainability, personal health and fitness and living a good life but On a Tight Budget. They have a tighter budget until they can save enough money to make bigger purchases.

Meeting Point | Wedding Anniversary gift idea | Bridal Registry for Art

Meeting Point by Mishkalo Artist Evelin Juen.

The following are some observations about this generation.

  1. Making the Process Personal

Millennials are passionate about making personal connections in the art community. They want to get to know the artist and form relationships with the galleries.

  1. Buying Both Online and Offline

Millennials are buying art just as frequently offline as they are online. Art is one purchase that many feel is important to make in person. The rise of social media has allowed Millennials to follow their favorite artists and galleries and stay in the loop about upcoming events or specific pieces.

  1. Looking for Different, Exciting Pieces

As can be expected, younger collectors are looking for something different and unique. Older collectors may be hesitant of new mediums outside of their traditional contemporary works, but younger generations gravitate towards new materials and concepts beyond their realm of comfort.

Trinity 2 | Artistic present | Mishkalo Art Registry

Trinity 2 by Mishkalo Artist Nancy Kramp.

  1. Lack of Art History Knowledge

Millennial collectors are younger and may not be fully aware of the value of every piece. They choose art that speaks to them, not necessarily what piece has historical importance. The artwork has to resonate with their tastes and sensibilities.

  1. Buying Art as an Asset

Millenials are not afraid to take risks and mostly buy art with the assumption that it will increase in value. The Millennial generation is bold. Their willingness to take risks and seek out unique, exciting mediums could mean big changes for the art community.

Mishkalo, a wedding registry for art was launched to cater to this rising trend and to make art affordable and accessible to wedding couples by having their guests pool together the money to buy them a memorable and valuable gift to cherish all their lives.

To all the engaged couples, bring the joy of art  and joie de vivre into your life. Paint your marriage in color with an art wedding registry!

Create your Dream Registry Here   Create Registry

Modern Art Thirty-Six | Wedding Anniversary gift idea | Mishkalo Wedding Registry for Art

Modern Art Thirty-Six by Mishkalo Artist Lynn Taetzsch.

Portrait Of A Girl In A Red Hat | Unique bridal shower present | Wedding Registry for Art

Portrait Of A Girl In A Red Hat by Mishkalo Artist Mark Hunter.



Window into an Artist’s World – Diane Leon

Window into an Artist’s World – Diane Leon

Charu | May 6, 2018

Diane Leon. Abstract Artist. “Abstraction gives me a sense of freedom”.

Diane Leon an abstract artist on Mishkalo.

Diane Leon an abstract artist on Mishkalo.

Recently One of Diane’s  paintings   “Ephemeral Energy” shown above received a Special Merit Award at an online Juried abstract exhibition by LifeSpaceTime.  They had 952 entries from 29 counties and 40 states.


Fiesta | Artistic second marriage registry | Mishkalo Bridal Registry

Fiesta by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

We asked Diane why this was important and what it meant to her in terms of her art and recognition as an artist.

Diane says ” Online Juried abstract exhibitions are a good way to create a larger audience of my work. Since 2016 entering this international exhibition, (lightspacetime.art) I have won an award three consecutive years for my paintings in these highly competitive shows.

All my abstract artworks are painted in vivid and high energy colors. The intimate size I work in offers options to collectors. It can stand on its own as a piece on the wall, in a bookcase or part of a group collection.

As an adjunct associate professor of arts at New York University, School of Professional Studies, the Arts faculty is hosting in May 2018 a “Humanities” event showcasing the work of the students.The selected students will exhibit works from last year’s painting class and my current Collage and Mixed Media class. The enthusiasm I have for teaching is reflected in their works. I am proud to be a part of NYU since 1995 and continue to give back as a professor and mentor. ”


More of Diane’s Vibrant and colorful abstracts. Her paintings will bring life and cheer to any room. Her colors are bold and bright and will match any furniture that you have in your room.


Epiphany | Best wedding anniversary registry | Bridal Registry for Art

Epiphany by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

Resolution | Alternative gift | Wedding Registry for Art

Resolution by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.

Enlightenment | Different wedding registry | Mishkalo Art Registry

Enlightenment by Mishkalo Artist Diane Leon.