Charu | June 19, 2018

Making the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams: Room 1520


Image from Room gallery

The perfect wedding venue can be a difficult decision to make. With so many amazing wedding venues in the city of Chicago and all over the country, the right one can be a tough choice. It is important to pick one that allows for your to make it your own. Aesthetic is key to creating a unique space that is compatible with the aesthetic of your partner.

With this in mind, it is important that couples take time to assess what exactly it is that they want from a wedding venue. Each wedding is unique so why not look for a unique venue that can be made specifically for you?

Room 1520 is a beautiful wedding venue that has simplicity and elegance while being a unique space. The simplicity may be a turn off for some but, with the use of imagination, the simplicity may be what makes it the perfect space for your special day.


Room 1520 is a unique space on 1520 W. Fulton. With 4,000 square feet, the space can seat up to 150 people for a seated dinner with a dance floor. There is also a beautiful white marble vintage bar that adds a unique detail to this wedding venue.


Image from Room gallery

Other features that will add to your dream wedding venue is their roof top that has a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline. Capturing the skyline in your wedding pictures will create beautiful pictures that will last a life time.

With this space, you are able to create your ideal wedding venue. The white walls and open spaces lend themselves perfectly to adding pieces of art that will customize the space.

Customization is important to make this wedding venue yours on your special day. The simple addition of a few pieces can change the aesthetic of the space.  Let your family and friends see your style as a couple.

Pick Your Pieces

 Mishkalo can add the personal touches that will make this venue yours. Though our website you can make a wedding registry, picking out pieces that describe you and your significant other. These pieces can then be transported to the wedding venue adding special touches to a unique space such as Room 1520.

Image from Room gallery with art added


Another special addition you can consider is having a painting commissioned for your big day. The paintings will make for beautiful back drops for you and your guests. This gift keeps on giving, once your reception is over, the painting that made your wedding venue beautiful will make your home just as stunning!

Image from Room gallery with art added