Emma Kriho | July 9, 2018

Incorporating Your Wedding Color

While white is the traditional color choice for a wedding dress, color is one of the best ways to add flare and enhance the vibe of your big day celebration. It can be tricky to select the right shades and decide how best to incorporate it into the festivities without going overboard or leaving the space looking bare. Here are some tips to help you bring color into your wedding day in the most sophisticated way.

What Color Do I Choose??

Picking your wedding day color scheme can seem like a daunting feat, but if you are looking for inspiration, your venue could be your best bet. Whether your wedding will be outdoor or indoor, selecting hues from your space could be a fast, easy way to find the perfect color you can accent with your décor.

Add Depth with a Color Palette

Instead of choosing a single color for your wedding décor, opt for a color palette that features either complementary shades or colors. This will give you more options for color throughout your space without going too monochromatic. More shades or colors means more opportunities to add colorful touches that will personalize your wedding.

Take a Look at Your Tables

The tables at your reception venue offer huge potential for you to play with color. You can easily add lots of color to the room by selecting colored base tablecloths. Choosing a fun pattern or design can add depth and interest as well. Textures and metallic elements are also awesome table-touches. If you opt for basic white tablecloths or a single shade, table runners or place mats can be utilized as a pop of color or pattern to liven up your tables. Napkins are perfect for a dash of a contrasting or bold color that will brighten up the table without going overboard.

Tabletop Touches

Simple elements are great opportunities for personalizing with color. Silverware can be selected in different metals or finishes to best accent your color palette. Table numbers and place cards can be customized in your perfect shade to tie a table together. Napkin rings can add sparkles or floral touches without getting too wild. Simple touches like arrangement ribbons add color or patterns, and vases or colored candles can accentuate your wedding day theme with subtle details.

Drinks, Please!!

Personal touches are a great way to spice up your space with color. Try creating a customized cocktail for your cocktail hour or reception that incorporates your color scheme. This is a fun way to pull together your palette that your guests are sure to love!

Flowers, of Course!

Flowers are the classic wedding day décor option, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be reinvented for your color scheme and personal style. Whether you choose multiple hues or opt for more monochromatic, from the aisle runners, to bouquets, to centerpieces, flowers are one of the best and most elegant ways to incorporate color into your wedding. Adding other non-floral accents to your arrangements is a great way to customize your big day décor, from berries to pinecones to brooches.