Mishkalo: The Wedding Gift Registry for Art

Original art is a one-of-a-kind wedding gift that will be with you forever to remind you of your special day everyday.  It will remain with you as your love and marriage blooms. Your kids will grow up with it. Perhaps it could become a collectible or a family heirloom. 

Art makes a unique wedding gift. It is a romance that never ends!

Engaged Mishkalo Couple who created a unique wedding registry
“We want our wedding gift to be meaningful, memorable, and reflect who we are — a gift that reminds us of our special day everyday of our marriage. The idea of a one-of-a-kind artwork as a wedding gift is hugely appealing to us.”
— Alyssa & Jacob
Mishkalo Registered Couple
“… the art hanging in your living room will be a story told to every kid, a piece of conversation for your friends and family …”
“Making the art buying experience accessible and enjoyable to wedding couples who are not necessarily art collectors”
“…forget going to someone’s wedding registry to purchase a coffee maker, or a new set of steak knives…”
“For the already-established couple who don’t require a typical wish list to build their home comes … Mishkalo, a wedding gift registry for art”

Art: A Wedding Gift Like No Other

A gift you – and your guests – will remember

Unlike pots and pans – or blenders and toasters – art is a wedding gift that you, your friends and your family will remember forever as a gift that’s as unique as your marriage will be.

Always a conversation piece!

What it means, what it means to you, and why you chose it – will forever be conversation topics for your friends and family. And … may be for your children and grandchildren as well.

Donate remaining funds in your registry.

Mishkalo is proud to partner with Kids & Art Foundation where children with cancer benefit from participation in the arts as part of the regular treatment plan.

An unforgettable wedding portrait!

Perhaps you’d like a wedding portrait instead. Add it to your registry and Mishkalo’s world-class artists can create a custom wedding portrait that will stand out as a unique wedding memory.

A gift that brings your guests together!

With Mishkalo, your guests can pool their funds to give you a one-of-a-kind gift. A unique wedding gift that your well-wishers buy collectively and present to you as a symbol of their blessings, hopes and love for you.

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What couples are saying . . .

“My partner and I wondered about what we wanted to add to our gift registry. We knew we wanted something with a significant meaning because we already had kitchenwares and other practical household items within our home. Art was a perfect choice to add to our registry because it is personable and spoke to us”.

Mary and Kent

“Mishkalo has been a great discovery for us. We were looking for a registry that would speak for us and show our unique personality. The traditional blenders and toaster did not appeal to us and since we love creative and unique things, having an art registry was instantly appealing. Mishkalo has a great selection of artwork.”

– Sahana & Anil

“I had never heard of a wedding registry for art before I came across Mishkalo, and I haven’t looked back since! Creating my registry and picking my pieces was so simple, and it was so easy to share with my guests. I had been living with my fiance for almost 3 years we already had everything we needed for our home.”

– Kathy and Dan

How does Mishkalo Work?

Create a registry for free

Signing up is easy and absolutely free! Enter your name and email and create your registry.

Involve your guests

Your guests can contribute any amount to your registry, and you can buy one or more artwork – whether you are looking for that one signature gift or several for decorating your new home.

Have fun choosing your gift

Browse our changing collection from time to time. Look at our weekly recommendations tailored to your taste. Bookmark your favorites. A fun activity for the two of you during your engagement.

Get expert help anytime

Deciding what artwork to buy can be overwhelming. We provide expert help in choosing and deciding. Contact us and we will make it fun and easy.


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Mishkalo is proud to partner with Kids & Art Foundation where children with cancer benefit from participation in the arts as part of the regular treatment plan.

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