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Amanda Ahrendt | October 31, 2018

What’s the difference between a custom wedding portrait and a wedding photograph?


As those who are wedding planning likely already know, a wedding photograph is a must-have on your to-do list. Wedding photos are a great addition to any ceremony and reception, a reminder of the day you and your spouse spent together with cherished family and friends.

But as important as a wedding photograph may be, a custom wedding portrait is truly a unique wedding gift that every wedding couple should have. What’s the difference between a portrait and a photo?

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While a wedding photograph can be an immediate snapshot of an event or of one’s surroundings, it is essentially just a composition of the scene before the photographer’s eyes. A painting, however, is a subjective interpretation. A photo can only be something that actually exists, but a portrait can take the same subject matter and elevate it.

When someone is painting a portrait for you, it adds depth that is not easily achieved in a photo. Perhaps that is because the act of painting is  generally more meaningful than someone taking a photo on their phone, but with a blank canvas you can truly capture a fresh-faced couple fully in love: maybe a rosy cheeked glow, or eyes that sparkle. It’s definitely a unique way to let the world know that this is the person with whom you’ve fallen in love! Such a unique wedding gift idea!

In today’s social media-saddled world, we often see pictures come and go as fast as they are taken. Wedding photographs are edited and filtered without a second thought. And with it, some of the realism is taken away. While a portrait isn’t exactly meant to be hyper realistic, it is a piece of art that is entirely raw and brimming with emotion all through someone’s hard work. With a  custom wedding portrait, you have a work of art that is meant to last. When people see it, they know – without a doubt – that there is a story to tell behind it.

Everyone has great wedding photographs, but not everyone has an entirely customized artwork that tells their unique story!

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Custom wedding portraits are the pieces of art you tell your children about many years after the fact (there’s a reason a great many people are art collectors, after all).

Additionally, since the portrait can be worked on with feedback from the subject, there is a more gratifying aspect to a custom wedding portrait than there might be in a wedding photograph. You can be involved in the process as it’s happening, which doesn’t always happen with photos (usually there’s a lengthy wait as the photos are edited). To be clear, photos are great. But a portrait which brings the subject to life through watercolor, or oil, or whatever other medium the artist chooses… that’s a fascinating memory.  And what better way to commemorate one of the greatest days in your life?

A custom wedding portrait completed by one of our artists is sure to be a gift that’s cherished for many years. It will add a special touch to your home which a wedding photograph may not be able to do so.

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