Wedding Registry Etiquette

Wedding Registry Etiquette

 Simple wedding Registry Etiquette Rules For Guests


Not just brides and groom but guests also have all sorts of questions about a wedding registry. Here are some simple wedding registry etiquettes that you, as a guest, need to know before attending a wedding.

1. What is a registry and how does it work? 

A wedding registry is quite simple: betrothed couples put together a wish list of wedding gifts, such as pots and pans, blenders and toasters, or more specialized items such as a honeymoon trip and art that they would like to receive. You, as a guest, can search their registry and give them a gift before an engagement party, or their big day. These days, there are many websites and online retailers offering registry services that allow gifts to be purchased and shipped directly to the couple.


 2. Where can I find their wedding registry?

Normally you won’t find it on the wedding invitation. Believe it or not, word-of-mouth is still the best way to know about the registry details. Sometimes, couples also put links to their registry on their wedding website.


Morning Light | Unusual bridal gift | Wedding Registry for Art

Morning Light by Artist Brent Hanson


 3When should I give a wedding gift?

You can start as early as a year from their wedding date, or their engagement party, to a month after their big day to send your gift. Most guests send a gift a month before. That being said, the sooner, the better.


4. Is is okay to shop off the registry list?

The answer is yes. It is fine to shop off their wedding registry, but only if you know the couple very well. In that case, you can give the happy couple something more personal, based on your knowledge. That gift should have a special value to them (a custom wedding portrait, or a piece of art that is based on their zodiac signs, etc.).


 5What should I do if the registry is out of gifts?

If the couple’s registry is completely out of gifts, you can ask the couple directly whether they want something that’s not on the list. If you don’t want to bother them during the wedding planning, you may need to figure out their style by taking a deep look at the registry, and opt for something matching to what they have already requested. Also, you can go with something more personal, such as a gift certificate to a romantic restaurant, a spa day, or a meaningful and unique piece of art that will be remind them of their special day.

 I Scream

I Scream by artist Patricia Burkhardt

 6Is a group gift acceptable?

Let’s be honest, sometimes couples may get a little fancy with their wish lists, and it may go beyond your budgets. Most registries such as Mishkalo (a wedding registry for original art) offers group-gifting for guests to contribute any amount they want. 


7. What if the couple already lives together?

Nowadays, it is common for couples to live together before getting married, which means a wedding registry isn’t necessarily pots and pans. If you think the couple already have a full kitchen and furniture, they can either: (1) upgrade; or (2) get art and other fun gifts such as experiences. There is so much more to their house than just kitchen and bedroom. Maybe you can give them a kit of gardening tools, a game collection, or a custom wedding portrait.


Unique Wedding Gift | Unique Wedding Registry Ideas | Mishkalo

A wedding portrait captured by an artist will make a unique wedding gift for you to cherish all your life.


If you would like to create a one of a kind  Art Wedding Registry and need help with starting your own personal art collection as a married couple, contact us at and check out Mishkalo








Collecting Art On Any Budget

Collecting Art On Any Budget

Charu | March 4, 2019

Collecting Art on any Budget

Sunrise Sail by Artist John Chehak

Sunrise Sail by John Chehak


Starting an art collection can be an enjoyable and pleasant experience. There are lots of people who like art but don’t know where to start and are intimidated by how much it will cost. New collectors of art can rest assured that art buying need not be an outrageously expensive and overwhelming experience.  If you are starting out and don’t know what to buy and how much it will cost, this blog will try to simplify the process and give you a place to start.


Here are three tips for collecting art:

Choose the color that you love.

When you look at art, try to focus on a couple of colors that you love and that will give you a start from where you can then build on your preferences.  If yellow is your favorite color then look for pieces that have yellow hues or shades of yellow in them. Narrow the choices to that color and pick something that you like or that stands out in that selection. This will give you a starting point to help you with your art collection which can otherwise be overwhelming.


Uneasy by Artist Mira Satryan

Uneasy by Artist Mira Satryan

Then look for style of art.

Do you like abstract or something that represents an object or an experience?.  If you are not sure then maybe going back to your color criteria may be best. If you see an abstract in yellow vs a representational artwork in yellow, pick the one that tugs your heart the most.


Girl in the Lotus Field by Laxmi Arvind


100$ to start with.

There is a lot of art that is created by emerging artists that are beautiful and not very expensive.  They may not be huge in sizes but if you can buy 2 -3 pieces of art in your favorite color or style in the $100 – $500 range, you can start a collection.  With smaller pieces of art, a gallery wall is a great option.  Galley walls will look great in Hallways and Entryways too. Here are some Galley Wall display ideas for you to consider – Gallery Wall


Gallery wall | Art Collection | Mishkalo


So start small and buy pieces that have a personal value to you. Buy art that speaks to you and is visually appealing. Collecting Art need not be a daunting experience and once you collect a few pieces, it can give you a lifetime of joy.


If you would like to create a one of a kind  Art Wedding Registry and need help with starting your own personal art collection as a married couple, contact us at and check out Mishkalo








Surprise Love Blender: Art

Surprise Love Blender: Art

Art – A Surprise Love Blender

Meet Alyssa and Jacob! One of Mishkalo’s couple. We would like to share their journey and their new beginning as an engaged couple.

The pair got engaged while on vacation in Thailand. Their story is so romantic!. 

Jacob hired a photographer who was hiding behind a big tree and waiting eagerly for the couple to walk by. Jacob suggested they both take a walk on the beach before having a fancy dinner.

They came upon a clearing which was already set up with candles on the sand and lights hanging from the tree. As they turned around the bend Jacob dropped to his knees. Alyssa was completely taken aback and with tears in her eyes she said YES!

Let’s find out about their journey and what advice they would like to share with us! 


Alyssa and Jacob | wedding registry |Mishkalo


How did you two meet?

Jacob(J): We first met at the Junior High prom. 

Alyssa (A): I went to the prom with one of my friends. Jacob and I hadn’t met yet. I actually went to a different high school. We were introduced that night and stayed in touch.

J: Over the years we stayed with the same group of friends and did not start to date until much later when we were in college.

You two got engaged a few months back. What was the first thing  you did after you got engaged

We were in Thailand and all our friends joined us on the beach. We took some photos, popped a bottle of Champagne, had a toast then went to dinner. It was a great celebration with the people we love.

Alyssa and Jacob | wedding registry |Mishkalo

     Alyssa and Jacob | wedding registry |Mishkalo


Did you know that Jacob was going to propose ?

A: I didn’t. When I saw the photographer hiding behind the tree and candles on the beach, I was so surprised. There were also flowers hanging on all the trees and it was beautiful!.

J:  I dragged her into the circle of candles on the ground and got down on my knee.

A: We were pretty much like a married couple way before this, and had been planning on getting married for a really long time. But the way he proposed was a surprise. 

Where are you guys in terms of wedding planning?

A: I bought my dress at White Satin Bridal We have our photographer booked and the venue is the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Alyssa and Jacob | wedding registry |Mishkalo

Have you thought about your registries and where you plan to register?

A: We will have a few registries and will put more thought into the others in the coming weeks. In terms of household items,the biggest thing that we want is a Juicer. We also love the idea of having a piece of art on our wall that will remind us of our wedding day. We have already picked two pieces that we love. Maybe we will change our mind about the selection as we get closer to our wedding. We are always looking to expand our art collection, so getting married is a perfect time to invest in some new pieces.

Are you planning to decide on your registries together?

J: She gets the decorative control of the house while I get the technology side. But for things like art, we will be deciding together.

Do you have any concerns about wedding or registry planning?

A: We decided to do the wedding planning on our own and it is really a big job- such unfamiliar territory for us. You only have a wedding once (hopefully !!!),  so having to negotiate contracts and finding the right person with whom you can connect with for your big day, it’s a lot of work.

What’s your favorite type of art?

J: Mine is metal sculpture. I like something that I can touch, hold and see.

A: I like paintings, something vibrant,abstract and with a lot of color. That’s why we chose Ira Ivanova’s painting for our registry because I can picture it hanging in any of our rooms. It has such beautiful colors.

Alyssa and Jacob | wedding registry |Mishkalo

You selected two pieces of art in your registry. What made you select them?

A: We scrolled through and obviously the color of one of the pieces is just so beautiful, we could see it hanging in any of our rooms and brightening up the space. You will also have to take into consideration the size and overall feel. Mishkalo will help us too in selecting the perfect art for our space based on the photos of the room, color and our budget.

What are you most excited about your Mishkalo registry?

A: Art is always an important part of our life. I think the most exciting part for me is just having a visual reminder on the wall every day of the love that we share for each other.

J: I am excited about the journey of choosing art in our registry. It is exciting to be sitting down with her, going through the website and deciding what we really like together. Our tastes are different but somehow blend well together. We were like “Could you imagine this thing on our wall, falling in love with it during the time we planned our wedding”. It seems like a tribute to your feeling from the experience, which is not the same when selecting a blender.

A Leap Of Faith | Cool marriage registry | Mishkalo Art Registry 

What registry advice would you give to couples?

A: The first thing is to find out where the need is. If there is a specific thing that you need, that you haven’t invested in yet, then it’s a good time to start considering those options. You also need to think about your lifestyle. As a young couple we still have a lot of things we need but a piece of art as a supplemental item would be great. We want one thing that will be a unique option in our registry and something that we may not have been able to afford on our own.

J: For older couples, I would suggest that they get something like furniture or art, It’s nice to have something high-quality that you wouldn’t normally buy or have the budget for. Guests are indulgent during a wedding and they want to give you something that will enhance your marriage and life. This would be a very special thing from  a guest’s perspective too.


Purple Haze | Bridal gift idea | Wedding Registry for Art

Ways To Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Ways To Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Charu | January 25, 2019

Ways To Plan Your Perfect Wedding Registry


Don’t know what to register for? Planning a perfect wedding registry can be overwhelming and confusing to couples especially if you have all the things you need for your house.

You spend so much time personalizing all the other aspects of your wedding, Your registry should bring out the unique personality of  ‘You’ as a couple. It should bring back memories of the ‘Best Day Of Your Life’ and be a symbol of your love all your life.

At Miskalo, our mission is to help you find the perfect piece of art for your home and help you create a foundation for life.

But where do you start? For a couple who is stressed out with their wedding planning and need some help with their registries, here are some tips to help you plan your perfect wedding registry. 

Ways To Plan Your perfect Wedding Registry from The Personalized Gift Company a custom gift boxes company











Tips for Self Care During Wedding Planning

Tips for Self Care During Wedding Planning

Sophia Viramontes | January 24, 2019

Tips for Self Care During Wedding Planning



Planning a wedding can be stressful. While it is an important, life altering event, don’t let it alter your life before the wedding day. We have all heard the term “Bridezilla” or at least can picture what the term may mean. It is important to focus on self care during the process.



4 Tips for Self Care:


Honeymoon Ideas | Romantic Date | Mishkalo

  1. Date Night: When planning the most romantic date night of all, don’t forget to plan a weekly date night for your and your soon to be spouse. This may seem like a waste of time in the wake of your overwhelming list of wedding tasks but it is important. It is important to set time aside for yourselves to focus on your relationship outside of wedding planning. This is a night that is free of wedding talk and focused on pair self care.


2. Ask For Help: While you may feel that this is exclusively your job, its not! A wedding takes a network of friends, family and wedding planners. Don’t forget to ask for help on tasks that can be executed in a more timely manner with a few helping hands.

Nowhere in the wedding plan does it say you have to put on the event on your own. Do wedding tasks with a group, delegate tasks to your wedding planner, it will help relieve stress which is important for self care.


3. Say No and Take a Personal Day: This is a very special time where you will be feeling a lot of love from family and friends. They will want to plan various events leading up to the bigday. These events coupled with the never ending wedding to-do list can be exhausting!


Remember you can always say no. It can be hard because you will want to accept all the kind gestures but it is important to be able to remember self care. Self care is more than a spa day, it is alone time, time to regroup and relax.



 4. Stay Healthy: A trend that has been going on for years, in the wedding world, is losing weight before the big day. You cut back on junk food and force yourself to go to the gym to look perfect for your wedding. Yes, in theory this seems ideal until your body begins to feel worse rather than better. Self care and staying healthy go hand in hand. If you are trying to drop a large amount of weight consult a nutritionist or doctor. This is the biggest form self care when losing weight before your wedding. Looking good is only half or the goal on your wedding day, it means nothing if you do not feel good so keep this in mind!







The Elements of Astrology: Top Honeymoon Destinations For Earth Couples

The Elements of Astrology: Top Honeymoon Destinations For Earth Couples

Mariah Wilbat | November 28, 2018

The Elements Of Astrology: TOP Honeymoon Destinations For Earth Couples


Now that you have finally found the element that fits your couple style, let’s see which top Honeymoon Destinations would be the best getaway for you to celebrate the new love together. Honeymoon places can be adventurous  destinations or as calm as soaking up the sun on the beach. Take a peak at all these top destinations and find the one that speaks to both of you!

Stay Well-Rounded with Top Honeymoon Destinations in the US

The sole purpose of all the other elements is created from the grounding that the element earth brings. Connecting us with a hard working attitude that puts our plans into full actions. They keep the other elements grounded and have a wholesome view from the outside being that it connects us all. Nothing like jumping in your car and being able to hit the road for grounded Honeymoon Destinations. If you and your partner are similar to the Earth element you both don’t put too much stress when deciding to do the traditional honeymoon. Stay grounded with these car road trips.  

The Loneliest Road: Colorado to Lake Tahoe

You won’t be lonely on this top USA honeymoon destinations road trip. Jump in the car and get ready for your honeymoon vacation on the road.  It is a gorgeous way to see the states as a new married couple. Heading from Lake Tahoe to the craving scenery that Colorado brings. Together you will be striking gold with your celebration of the new marriage. Travel to see the gorgeous Rocky mountains and get lost in the meadows of wildflowers  and the excitement of your honeymoon along the way.

Gear to compliment your trip:

  1. Tent Gear
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Hiking Gear
  4. Watch

Lake Tahoe planning-

Colorado destinations-

Overseas Highway: Miami to Key West

The warm Florida Keys will be bringing sunshine to your smiling newly wed cheeks. This roadtrip is a little shorter and only about 150 miles from Miami, a quick stop there and you can be on your way to a stunning honeymoon destination within the USA.  You can get creative and extend your trip or just lay back and soak up the sun on a honeymoon beach. With so many places to stop along the way, buckle up and let the sunshine bring you warmth to you and your new marriage.

Plan for some fun in the sun:

  1. Bathing Suit
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Towel

Key West trip inspirations-

The Alaskan Highway

Never heard of it? Neither had we, but Alaska has a marvelous highway that actually starts in British Columbia and ends in the Yukon territory.  While the two of you step out and away from the traditional honeymoon destinations, this travel will keep you breathless. Truly outstanding scenery, and if you stop in near Homer, Alaska you may possibly see the Orcas in the bay. Drive through the mountains, and beautiful nature with your honey to all these incredibly unique spots while celebrating the new marriage.

Keep these items in mind:

  1. Warm Clothes
  2. Rain Jacket
  3. Hiking Shoes
  4. Headlamp

Incredible stops along the highway-


Looking for a unique registry idea? Check out Mishkalo.

Mishkalo carries a vast collection of amazing artwork from around the world for you to choose from. Please visit for more ideas for a wedding gift registry.







































The Elements of Astrology: Honeymoon Destinations For Water Couples

The Elements of Astrology: Honeymoon Destinations For Water Couples

Mariah Wilbat | November 28, 2018

The Elements Of Astrology: Honeymoon Destinations For Water Couples


Now that you have finally found the element that fits your couple style let’s see which Honeymoon Destinations would be the best getaway for you to celebrate the new love together. Honeymoon places can be adventurous  destinations or as calm as soaking up the sun on the beach. Take a peak at all these destinations and find the one that speaks to the both of you!

Dip into Relaxation on the Honeymoon Islands

The movement of water is constant, it flows with us and against us leaving a mystery sometimes. The element of Water has a sensitive and compassionate nature. A teacher to feeling our greatest qualities and the expressing of the truly endless abilities of love. Water has unlimited possibilities and ways to express. The element of Water is where we hold our abilities and possibilities in things. Being able to enjoy many things and literally going with the flow these are top water element themed honeymoon destinations! For you and your partner to soak up the sun while you dip your toes in the ocean.


Breathtaking beaches will whisk you away as you drink up the sun on Fiji celebrating your new marriage on your honeymoon beach destination. With horseback riding to discover the island’s beauty or windsurfing. Let’s not forget, being able to explore the rainforest on foot. Once you have experience the rainforest, jump in the boat and off to sea for an up close personal view to snorkel or scuba. Fiji will let you both float into relaxation celebrating your new marriage.

Don’t forget these essentials:

  1. Flip-Flops
  2. Sun Hat
  3. Boat shoes
  4. Waterproof Camera

Jump into this honeymoon adventure-

Galapagos Islands

For the ultimate lovers who enjoy the exotic side of destinations. The water element dips you in many places to jump on an excursion across land or sea. A honeymoon destination filled with relaxation  where you can swim with the Galapagos penguins while kayaking alongside sea lions. The Galapagos is right on the water with an adventure with it.

Sea you at the beach with these key items:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Bathing Suit
  3. Camera
  4. Small Backpack

Book your island honeymoon getaway-

Emerald Coast, Nicaragua
Why not grab a surfboard and hang 10 while you celebrate your new marriage on the coast of Nicaragua for your honeymoon destination. Share a spot on the sand and soak in the sun of the island while you celebrate your love. If you want to add a spark of thrill to the honeymoon you can hop on a helicopter and go visit the active volcano Cerro Negro for some extreme sandboarding if you two decide to spice up the day with an activity.

Don’t forget to pop these items in your luggage:

  1. Bandana
  2. Camera
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Bathing Suit

Learn about the island-


Looking for a unique registry idea? Check out Mishkalo.




Mishkalo carries a vast collection of amazing artwork from around the world for you to choose from. Please visit for more ideas for a wedding gift registry.







































The Elements of Astrology: Best Honeymoon Destinations For Fire Couples

The Elements of Astrology: Best Honeymoon Destinations For Fire Couples

Mariah Wilbat | November 28, 2018

The Elements Of Astrology: Best Honeymoon Destinations For Fire Couples


Now that you have finally found the element that fits your couple style let’s see which Honeymoon Destinations would be the best getaway for you to celebrate the new love together. Honeymoon places can be adventurous  destinations or as calm as soaking up the sun on the beach. Take a peak at all these best honeymoon destinations and find the one that speaks to the both of you!

 Ignite the Fire with these Best Honeymoon Destinations

This is the element that represents energy, being the only element that shines,  it brings a relentless force. Strong minded and connected to movement. With a love that is passionate, understanding and never dull fire elements always have a spark to life. Adventures happen anywhere, being able to jump into anything is the fire elements expertise. They love stepping out onto the path less traveled. That’s why we choose these adventurous honeymoon destinations with the fire element in mind. With the adventure to continue even years down the road, spoil yourselves with an outstanding honeymoon.

Selfoss, Iceland

Where else in the world besides Iceland can you scuba dive at the fault line between two tectonic plates and see the northern lights at the same time? That unique activity is far from the only exciting reason to visit the Nordic nation of fire and ice for your best dream honeymoon destination. Find experience in trekking through lava fields and snowmobiling in the black ash deserts while you and your partner celebrate your new marriage.

Don’t forget to pack:

  1. Passport
  2. Hiking Shoes
  3. Bathing suit
  4. Bum-bag (Fanny pack)

Book an adventure-

Hayman Island, Australia

Who wouldn’t want to take a helicopter ride to the great barrier reef for a honeymoon getaway? With almost everything at sea level, snorkeling, diving and underwater seabob (whatever that is) can make your honeymoon come to life. Visiting Australia will really add a spark to your new marriage and memory of a lifetime for the two of you.


Add these key items to your packing list:

  1. Bathing suit
  2. Flip-flops
  3. Passport
  4. Sunglasses

Honeymoon resort destination-

Cappadocia, Turkey

Does spending a night in a cave sound like the best honeymoon destination of your dreams? Well, if it does, It could be the first stop on your lively honeymoon! With Goreme National Park desert’s and beautiful natural rock formations you will be swept away in the wonderous views of Turkey. Oh and did we mention a bike ride through the vineyard valleys?

Headed to the vineyard with these in my bag:

  1. Scarf/Pashmina for cover
  2. Camera
  3. Backpack
  4. Comfortable Shoes

Book your dream adventure-


Looking for a unique registry idea? Check out Mishkalo.




Mishkalo carries a vast collection of amazing artwork from around the world for you to choose from. Please visit for more ideas for a wedding gift registry.