The Elements of Astrology: Top Honeymoon Destinations For Earth Couples

The Elements of Astrology: Top Honeymoon Destinations For Earth Couples

The Elements Of Astrology: TOP Honeymoon Destinations For Earth Couples


Now that you have finally found the element that fits your couple style, let’s see which top Honeymoon Destinations would be the best getaway for you to celebrate the new love together. Honeymoon places can be adventurous  destinations or as calm as soaking up the sun on the beach. Take a peak at all these top destinations and find the one that speaks to both of you!

Stay Well-Rounded with Top Honeymoon Destinations in the US

The sole purpose of all the other elements is created from the grounding that the element earth brings. Connecting us with a hard working attitude that puts our plans into full actions. They keep the other elements grounded and have a wholesome view from the outside being that it connects us all. Nothing like jumping in your car and being able to hit the road for grounded Honeymoon Destinations. If you and your partner are similar to the Earth element you both don’t put too much stress when deciding to do the traditional honeymoon. Stay grounded with these car road trips.  

The Loneliest Road: Colorado to Lake Tahoe

You won’t be lonely on this top USA honeymoon destinations road trip. Jump in the car and get ready for your honeymoon vacation on the road.  It is a gorgeous way to see the states as a new married couple. Heading from Lake Tahoe to the craving scenery that Colorado brings. Together you will be striking gold with your celebration of the new marriage. Travel to see the gorgeous Rocky mountains and get lost in the meadows of wildflowers  and the excitement of your honeymoon along the way.

Gear to compliment your trip:

  1. Tent Gear
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Hiking Gear
  4. Watch

Lake Tahoe planning-

Colorado destinations-

Overseas Highway: Miami to Key West

The warm Florida Keys will be bringing sunshine to your smiling newly wed cheeks. This roadtrip is a little shorter and only about 150 miles from Miami, a quick stop there and you can be on your way to a stunning honeymoon destination within the USA.  You can get creative and extend your trip or just lay back and soak up the sun on a honeymoon beach. With so many places to stop along the way, buckle up and let the sunshine bring you warmth to you and your new marriage.

Plan for some fun in the sun:

  1. Bathing Suit
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Towel

Key West trip inspirations-

The Alaskan Highway

Never heard of it? Neither had we, but Alaska has a marvelous highway that actually starts in British Columbia and ends in the Yukon territory.  While the two of you step out and away from the traditional honeymoon destinations, this travel will keep you breathless. Truly outstanding scenery, and if you stop in near Homer, Alaska you may possibly see the Orcas in the bay. Drive through the mountains, and beautiful nature with your honey to all these incredibly unique spots while celebrating the new marriage.

Keep these items in mind:

  1. Warm Clothes
  2. Rain Jacket
  3. Hiking Shoes
  4. Headlamp

Incredible stops along the highway-


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Jenny Yoo Bridal Show

Jenny Yoo Bridal Show

Jenny Yoo’s Bridal Runway Show – Chicago

Recently I had the opportunity to attend Jenny Yoo’s exclusive unveiling of the 2018 Bridal and Bridesmaids Collections. at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel. I must say that I was blown away by the elegance and sophistication of her show. Right from the choice of venue and décor to her beautiful models, the evening was simply mesmerizing.

We started off in the ballroom with wine & champagne and hors d’oeuvres which gave everyone a chance to mingle and browse through her bridesmaid dresses on display.  There was bubbles and bites by the chefs at Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, event decor by Art of the Imagination and musical styling by Figweddings. We also got to participate in a photo booth by Rick Aguilar’s studio.

Jenny Yoo Bridal Runway show Chicago.

Jenny Yoo Bridal Runway show Chicago.

Jenny Yoo’s Collections were feminine and refined and extremely elegant. Her flattering silhouettes of tulle, chiffon, and lace on the lovely models were almost ethereal.

Here is what Jenny Yoo has to say about her philosophy: “Our philosophy is to present the brides & bridesmaids with a variety of dresses, incorporating rich and luxurious silks & laces to create an elegant, feminine, and refined look. Attention to detail, cut, proportion, and workmanship ensures each dress the most feminine and flattering fit.

Our dresses are inspired by delicious array of colors, ranging from soft buttery yellows to rich deep berries. Bias cut, asymmetrical lines, and soft layers of sheer chiffon and lustrous silk charmeuse create a rich mixture of textures. These are some of the many fresh details our collection offers. We design for the discriminating bridesmaid who is looking for a dress that she can use not only for the bridal party, but again and again for any special occasion. Our goal is to give our client a beautiful quality dress that she can carry with her for years to come… ”

Jenny Yoo Bridal Runway show Chicago.

Jenny Yoo Bridal Runway show Chicago.

Please check out Jenny Yoo’s beautiful bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses at their Chicago showroom in River North. Their address is :

311 W. Superior Street
Suite 404
Chicago, IL 60654
312.642.2327 |

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My Charcoal Wedding Portraits

My Charcoal Wedding Portraits

 Hi I am Dana Swasko – Portrait Artist on Mishkalo.

“By creating portraits, be it a person or a home, I feel I am freezing moments in time around me, as though I am capturing the character of my time period in my own way.”

Working from my customer’s photos, I create a black and white custom charcoal portrait. I try to capture ever little detail I can, and for intimate wedding portraits, the facial expressions are everything. I love making these moments come to life in another medium. Recently, I have been incorporating graphite for smooth skin tones. Another technique that I really enjoy implementing is white ink.
I love bringing to life all my subjects, and getting to be involved in that special day through my art is something I look forward to!
Here is a peek into my current work in progress.
Wedding Portrait by artist Dana Swasko on Mishkalo.

Wedding Portrait by artist Dana Swasko

This portrait is very special to me because it is a photo from my Cousin Rachel’s wedding. It meant a lot when she approached me to draw a portrait of their joyous moment together. Rachel and Carlos are such a close couple, and their faces really capture the joy of the day.
Everything about their wedding was gorgeous, from her dress to her flowers to the spirit they brought being so happy together. By using the white ink to pop out the brightness of her flowers, dress and veil, I really think it reflects upon a bright and stunning moment in their lives.
I look forward to finishing it and giving it to them so they can always look back on their special day and this particular moment.
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How to start an Art Collection on any Budget

How to start an Art Collection on any Budget

Art Collection on any Budget

Sunrise Sail by Artist John Chehak

Sunrise Sail by John Chehak

Starting an art collection can be an enjoyable and pleasant experience. There are lots of people who like art but don’t know where to start and are intimidated by how much it will cost. New collectors of art can rest assured that art buying need not be an outrageously expensive and overwhelming experience.  If you are starting out and don’t know what to buy and how much it will cost, this blog will try to simplify the process and give you a place to start.
Buy the color that you love.
When you look at art, try to focus on a couple of colors that you love and that will give you a start from where you can then build on your preferences.  If yellow is your favorite color then look for pieces that have yellow hues or shades of yellow in them. Narrow the choices to that color and pick something that you like or that stands out in that selection.


Uneasy by Artist Mira Satryan

Uneasy by Artist Mira Satryan

Then look for style of art.
Do you like abstract or something that represents an object or an experience?.  If you are not sure then maybe going back to your color criteria may be best. If you see an abstract in yellow vs a representational artwork in yellow, pick the one that tugs your heart the most.


Girl in the Lotus Field by Laxmi Arvind


100$ to start with.
There is a lot of art that is created by emerging artists that are beautiful and not very expensive.  They may not be huge in sizes but if you can buy 2 -3 pieces of art in your favorite color or style in the $100 – $500 range, you can start a collection.  With smaller pieces of art, a gallery wall is a great option.
Lava by Artist Michelle Renee Garrison

Lava by Artist Michelle Renee Garrison

So start small and buy pieces that have a personal value to you. Buy art that speaks to you and is visually appealing. Art buying need not be a daunting experience and once you collect a few pieces, it can give you a lifetime of joy.


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