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Join Mishkalo – a new way to sell your art.


A new way to sell your art

Perhaps you’ve been selling your art to people who love it and can afford it.

Perhaps there are many more people who love your art but cannot afford it.

What if someone else buys it for them as a gift?

To a new market – wedding couples

Americans spend $19B a year in wedding gifts.

But modern couples no longer need pots and pans. They are older and most likely living together.

They would rather get something unique and timeless.

Such as your art.

Through a new channel – Mishkalo

Mishkalo helps you to sell your art as a gift to wedding couples, paid for by their guests.

Couples select the art and their guests pool their resources to buy the couple a unique gift they will cherish forever.

Such as your art.

How it works

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Mishkalo is a startup based in Chicago, IL., with an innovative approach for positioning a wedding gift as something unique and timeless.

Sell your artwork on Mishkalo – there is a couple out there who’ll find special meaning in your artwork and make it a treasured part of their marriage.



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