Buying art for home
Charu | May 12, 2017
Buying art – the whole process – is daunting for many people. Being swamped with too many choices at once can be overwhelming and it limits your ability to make the right decision.

Here are some tips to guide you and help you make a good choice.

Look at the room size and determine if the wall where you want to put your art up is big or small in proportion to the whole room. Will a big painting look bold and stand out but not look overwhelming in comparison or a smaller sized painting may add a touch of elegance and color to brighten the area.

Choose a slightly contrasting color for your art if your furniture is monochromatic. Adding color on the wall will freshen up any room and make it more inviting.

Determine if the room is tradition or modern and if it is traditional, then you may want to select a representational painting vs an abstract one. An abstract painting will go well with more modern and contemporary rooms.

Be bold and daring and don’t be afraid to experiment. Imagine how the art will look on your wall and go with your gut feeling.

Compare the palettes used by Mishkalo Artists Diane Lion and Karina Llergo 

Here are some creative arrangements of art at homes.