Bill & Melinda Gates on Mishkalo
Charu | February 25, 2018
I came across an article recently that talked about Bill & Melinda gates wedding gift that helps them not fight and keeps their marriage alive. To those of you who have not read this article, please do so here.

This made me realize the impact of a wedding gift that is thoughtfully selected or chosen by either the wedding couple or their friends & family can last for years and all though their marriage in a very enriching and positive way.

Bill  and Melinda Gates say that when the two of them disagree, they think  about how lucky they are that they mostly see things the same way. This is  something the couple is reminded of everyday, thanks to a wedding gift from Bill’s parents: A sculpture of two birds side by side.

“What we love about it so much is that it’s these two birds who are looking forward together,” says Melinda. “What it reminds us is, these two birds, who presumably are mates, have a shared view out into the world.”
What an awesome story about this amazing couple and this one gift of art that has brought so much meaning and joy in their lives. An artwork created by an artist will last all your life and remind you of your special day and the meaning behind the vows that you have taken to love and cherish each other.
I am sure Bill & Melinda Gates will pass these two sculptures on to their kids and grandkids and it will be an heirloom piece to remind their family for generations to come of the love that they had for each other.
To all the engaged couples, bring the joy of art  and joie de vivre into your life. Paint your marriage in color with an art wedding registry!
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