Even an ordinary person can become an art collector

Even an ordinary person can become an art collector. Recently I read an amazing story about an ordinary art collector couple Herb Vogel who worked for the post office and his wife Dorothy, a reference librarian at the Brooklyn public library. They spent nearly 50 years living in a 450 Sq foot apartment and had one indulgence that is collecting art. Their passion for collecting art turned them into working class heroes in a world of rich elite people.

They would scout art galleries and approach unknown artists to buy paintings and loved the thrill of a good deal. They had no formal training in art collecting and just bought things that they liked. In just four decades, they assembled one of the most important private art collections of the 20th century.

Of course, these are exceptional people and it is hard to be like them, live frugally and just keep collecting art. But if we love art, then we should be looking at art buying as something that is not just instant gratification but as a long-term investment which can be cherished by generations and which may have the potential to become a rare commodity as years pass by.  An artist can only create so many pieces in his or her lifetime and some of those pieces are lost over the years or sitting in some attic.  Collecting a few pieces of art by an artist who you admire or feel has potential to become prized is a good way to indulge. You get to enjoy the art for many years and who knows, that piece may become valuable 30 – 40 years later. So start your journey as an art collector today!

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