Collecting Art On Any Budget

Collecting Art On Any Budget

Collecting Art on any Budget

Sunrise Sail by Artist John Chehak

Sunrise Sail by John Chehak


Starting an art collection can be an enjoyable and pleasant experience. There are lots of people who like art but don’t know where to start and are intimidated by how much it will cost. New collectors of art can rest assured that art buying need not be an outrageously expensive and overwhelming experience.  If you are starting out and don’t know what to buy and how much it will cost, this blog will try to simplify the process and give you a place to start.


Here are three tips for collecting art:

Choose the color that you love.

When you look at art, try to focus on a couple of colors that you love and that will give you a start from where you can then build on your preferences.  If yellow is your favorite color then look for pieces that have yellow hues or shades of yellow in them. Narrow the choices to that color and pick something that you like or that stands out in that selection. This will give you a starting point to help you with your art collection which can otherwise be overwhelming.


Uneasy by Artist Mira Satryan

Uneasy by Artist Mira Satryan

Then look for style of art.

Do you like abstract or something that represents an object or an experience?.  If you are not sure then maybe going back to your color criteria may be best. If you see an abstract in yellow vs a representational artwork in yellow, pick the one that tugs your heart the most.


Girl in the Lotus Field by Laxmi Arvind


100$ to start with.

There is a lot of art that is created by emerging artists that are beautiful and not very expensive.  They may not be huge in sizes but if you can buy 2 -3 pieces of art in your favorite color or style in the $100 – $500 range, you can start a collection.  With smaller pieces of art, a gallery wall is a great option.  Galley walls will look great in Hallways and Entryways too. Here are some Galley Wall display ideas for you to consider – Gallery Wall


Gallery wall | Art Collection | Mishkalo


So start small and buy pieces that have a personal value to you. Buy art that speaks to you and is visually appealing. Collecting Art need not be a daunting experience and once you collect a few pieces, it can give you a lifetime of joy.


If you would like to create a one of a kind  Art Wedding Registry and need help with starting your own personal art collection as a married couple, contact us at and check out Mishkalo








Ways To Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Ways To Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Ways To Plan Your Perfect Wedding Registry


Don’t know what to register for? Planning a perfect wedding registry can be overwhelming and confusing to couples especially if you have all the things you need for your house.

You spend so much time personalizing all the other aspects of your wedding, Your registry should bring out the unique personality of  ‘You’ as a couple. It should bring back memories of the ‘Best Day Of Your Life’ and be a symbol of your love all your life.

At Miskalo, our mission is to help you find the perfect piece of art for your home and help you create a foundation for life.

But where do you start? For a couple who is stressed out with their wedding planning and need some help with their registries, here are some tips to help you plan your perfect wedding registry. 

Ways To Plan Your perfect Wedding Registry from The Personalized Gift Company a custom gift boxes company











5 Unique Wedding Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything

5 Unique Wedding Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything

5 Unique Wedding Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything.


As an engaged couple who already has everything for your home, have you ever wondered what unique wedding gifts to put in your registry?  Couples today are getting married later in life and have all the household items they need for their home. In fact, some of them have been living together for years and may also own two sets of things. What kind of wedding gifts would appeal to couples who already have everything they would need?


Here are top 5 unique wedding gifts that couples who have everything can consider. These gifts will be special and meaningful and add value and pizzazz to their lives.


Unique Wedding Gift | Unique Wedding Registry Ideas | Mishkalo

  • Custom Portrait: Let an artist capture your best wedding or engagement photograph on canvas. An artist created painting of your favorite photo will be a great way to remind you of all the love you have for each other. A photograph is good but custom portrait is special. When someone is painting a portrait for you, it adds depth that is not easily achieved in a photo. Perhaps that is because the act of painting is generally more meaningful than someone taking a photo on their phone, but with a blank canvas you can truly capture a fresh-faced couple fully in love: maybe a rosy cheeked glow, or eyes that sparkle. It is certainly a unique way to let the world know that this is the person with whom you’ve fallen in love! Such a unique wedding gift idea!  Check out Artist Amro Ashry’s stunning portraits HERE.


Modern Art Thirty-Six | Wedding Anniversary gift idea | Mishkalo Wedding Registry for Art

  • Original Artwork create by an artist. This is a gift that your guests will feel good gifting. It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece that will last a lifetime. You will be supporting an artist instead of a big retail establishment, and at the same time receive a gift that will be a valuable heirloom piece to be passed on to your children. Check out Artist Lynne Taetzsch’s striking painting HERE.





Wine Decanter | Unique Wedding Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything | Mishkalo

  • Artistic Wine Decanter: If you want to add some oomph to your living room table, get this revolving wine decanter and glasses on walnut wood by Swoon Living. This is an artisan-made custom blown glass and wood. Swoon Revolving Wine Glasses are hand-blown in Chicago. The wine glasses are sure to make your wine-loving friends jealous. Pour yourself a little wine and sip and spin your evening away.

    As you play, your wine becomes greater with every turn as more oxygen is brought into the wine. The concept is all about form and function without forgetting to have fun. This item is available via Swoon Living.



Andrea Fused Glass Pendulum Clock | unique bridal shower present | Mishkalo Wedding Registry for Art

  •  Handmade Glass Clock will add charm to your foyer or dining room. “Art meets function” in this contemporary fused glass pendulum clock. A lovely compliment to any contemporary home! Opaque and translucent glass is individually cut, arranged and fused at 1480 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the desired look. Every clock is signed on the front and arrives with protective hand covers and the required AA battery. Artist Nina Cambron is the leader in handcrafted fused glass clocks in the Unites States. Nina’s sense of design, beautiful color combinations and contemporary style is a gift to cherish. Get this custom made clock HERE




Vow Books | Unique Wedding Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything | Mishkalo

  • Vow Books are another unique wedding trend that couples have been adopting over the last several years. You will utter the most important words of commitment of your life on your wedding day. Wedding Story Writer vow books are made-to-order specifically for a couple.  Your book will be made to match your wedding style, with the option of a custom cover design. Order a custom or signature vow book or keepsake box at The Wedding Story Writer.



Your wedding is one of the most momentous occasions in your life, and your wedding gift should be as unique as your marriage. Celebrate it by creating a Mishkalo Wedding Registry. You can rest assured your wedding gifts will be unique, showcasing your personality.


Looking for a unique registry idea? Check out Mishkalo.
Mishkalo carries a vast collection of unique artwork by highly esteemed artisans from around the world. Please visit for more ideas for your wedding gift registry.









Ideas For A Unique Wedding Gift Registry

Ideas For A Unique Wedding Gift Registry

Ideas For A Unique Wedding Gift Registry

Don’t know what to register for your wedding. You already may have your pots and pans and if you are looking for something more special and unique then why not consider an art wedding gift registry from Mishkalo.

Here are some ideas for a wedding gift registry. Original art will make your house a home and it will remind you of the special day all your life. Your guests will love to contribute towards a wedding gift that is not only unique but will have a special place in your home to bring back the memories of your wedding day.

Wedding Portrait by Artist Dana Swasko on Mishkalo

Wedding Portrait by Artist Dana Swasko

Portrait by Mishkalo Artist Dana Swasko: $500  Size: 11 x 14

This wedding portrait was a gift from a mother to her daughter and son in law for their anniversary. It was their favorite photo from their wedding.

Dana Swasko creates beautiful charcoal portraits. For this portrait she used many new techniques such as using white ink in the flowers and in their eyes to make those details stand out.  She also incorporated graphite to give their skin a smooth finish.

Dana says ” By creating portraits, be it a person or a home, I feel I am freezing moments in time around me, as though I am capturing the character of my time period in my own way.”

Create Your Free Registry Here


Uneasy by Artist Mira Satryan

Uneasy by Artist Mira Satryan

Uneasy by Mishkalo Artist Mira Satryan: $380  Size: 12 x 12

Mira Satryan’s paintings are abstract impressionism, sometimes with elements that are expressed more realistically, the expression that she expresses also by color.

Create Your Free Registry Here

Mishkalo carries a vast collection of amazing artwork from around the world for you to choose from. Please visit for more ideas for a wedding gift registry.









A Wedding Planning Checklist to prepare for your wedding day

A Wedding Planning Checklist to prepare for your wedding day

Wedding Planning Checklist | Wedding Portrait | Mishkalo


Wedding Planning Checklist for Day of Wedding


Here is a day of wedding planning checklist that every bride should have. Although wedding stress starts on the day you get engaged, wedding stress peaks on the day of the wedding.

The wedding day can be very stressful and full of surprises for the bride. You have spent months planning and finding all the different vendors and venues. Finally the big day is looming near and sometimes in spite of all the effort that goes into planning, things may not go as planned.  Sometimes couples throw up their hand and say “I give up.”

Day of Wedding Checklist.


Crystal Lake Two | Different wedding registry | Wedding Registry for Art

  • Pack all your clothes and accessories that you will need for that day. You will most likely have 2-3 change of outfits. Assemble them in the order that they will be worn so that you are not scrambling to find your shoes or a pair of earrings that go with that outfit.
  • Put all your makeup essentials in one box or a bag. Mark your lipsticks with the name of your outfit so that it is easy to pick out. Also make sure you have picked out your special perfume for that day. Select a perfume that you are going to use on your wedding day, the scent of which will be a reminder of that special moment for you. Also pack some safety pins, hair clips, deodorant and tissues in case you fell emotional.
  • Make sure you have packed a pair of flat sandals to dance the night away.
  • Lastly pack a few small snacks for you to munch on while you are getting ready for the day. Keep your energy levels up for the exciting day ahead.


Personally, I have noticed many brides schedule a stress-relieving activity such as a visit to an art museum or aquarium the day before the wedding as a reliever of wedding stress. Some of Mishkalo artists such as Ira Ivanova and Karina Llergo illustrate how art is such a great stress reliever.

Make sure you print this wedding planning checklist and carry along so that your wedding day is relaxed and enjoyable.

Check out Mishkalo’s extensive art collection from around the world HERE!




Getting Art for your Newly-Wed Home

Getting Art for your Newly-Wed Home

Getting Art for your Newly-Wed Home

Meet James and Scott – one of Mishkalo’s couples who are tying the knot in September.

Their love story started several years back at a social event for a Flag football league that they were a part of. Soon their friendship grew and they moved in together as a couple along with their two adorable cats: Binx and Penny.

Last year, at the famous Spanish steps in Washington DC, Scott proposed. Why there, you may ask. The couple have traveled extensively together and a moment that stood out for both of them was the Spanish steps in Rome. Designed in the early 20th century during D.C.’s “City Beautiful” movement, the Spanish Steps vaguely resemble the original version in Rome. Like Rome, D.C.’s Spanish Steps are a neighborhood landmark and a natural gathering place with a romantic touch. James happily accepted the Scott’s proposal.

Mini Burst One | Artistic gift | Mishkalo Wedding Registry for Art

Mini Burst One by Mishkalo Artist Lisa Carney

A few months later, as the reality of their future marital life sunk in, they started looking at their home differently.  James says, “we realized that this is not just a place where we came to after work, but a place of comfort, love and our hopes for the future. And the place looks dull with bare walls that probably depresses even Mikey and Josie.

As they got around to planning their wedding – and the inevitable choice of a wedding registry – they couldn’t think of anything they wanted. Having been together, they had a fully functional home with all its utilitarian comforts.

Mishkalo -wedding registry for art

Mishkalo -wedding registry for art

During this time James came across Mishkalo – a wedding registry for art. “The idea appealed to me immediately” he said.  “Art is a lasting, special gift that we’ll have forever, especially when given as a token of love from our friends and family.  This art will help turn our house into a proper home”

James and Scott have set their wedding date for September 2018, exactly a year after the proposal.

You can see the art they chose for their Mishkalo Registry below. We wish them both a beautiful life together!

Blur | Fun marriage gift idea | Mishkalo Wedding Registry for Art

Blur by Mishkalo Artist Jessica Sawyers.

Yellow And White Abstract | Unique marriage registry | Mishkalo Wedding Registry

Yellow And White Abstract by Mishkalo Artist Novak Slunjski.

Sunset In Lotus Fields | Original Art bridal present | Bridal Registry for Art

Sunset In Lotus Fields by Mishkalo Artist Laxmi Arvind.


Finding your perfect artwork inspiration through Mishkalo is easy and fun! Plus, if you choose a piece from the Mishkalo website that you want to incorporate into your wedding day, you can then put that piece of art on your registry and your guests can contribute to help you and your fiancé get a gorgeous piece of art for your home. And, the piece will always remind you of your big day! It’s the perfect forever keepsake!