La Grange Park, Il Home by Dana Swasko. Media: Charcoal.

Another realtor closing gift, this home is located in La Grange Park, IL. The realtor I worked with wanted me to take the photo on an angle so the angles made by the windows could be shown. I also took the photo at an upwards angle, giving it it’s commanding presence. There was also a house nextdoor that could be seen on the right, an I edited that in the final drawing to give it even more authority. It’s really gratifying for me when little changes like these give the final piece more personality; even though it’s an inanimate object and does not have an immediately apparent expression such as a dog or person, there are still ways of creating a personality for it. I love the fact that even though my style and ultimate goal is to copy the picture perfectly, there are still fun ways of giving the final piece more life than the photo originally had.

** This artwork is not for sale. This artist can be commissioned for creating custom wedding portraits. Contact **

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