Becky Brown Photography
Charu | June 14, 2018

Becky Brown Photography

Art Galley Wedding

Anna and Paul, an adventurous couple who love music, art and traveling recently got married. Their love for art led them to a unique wedding venue.

They got married at the Jackson Junge Gallery. in Chicago. Picking this venue resonated with their style and aesthetic, it emphasized their love for art creating a beautiful back drop for their wedding. The gallery was accommodating and helped them create a special space the way they had envisioned it.




Carrie Holbo Photography

Wedding photographer, Becky Brown who also owns ‘Elope to Chicago’ captured the ceremony. Becky integrated the art into the various wedding pictures she took. By having a variety of colors and paintings, she was able to capture the beautiful details of their special day and their special venue both inside as well as outside. The Wicker Park Street festival added more excitement and colors to their photos shot outside the venue.

The walls of the gallery were filled with beautiful pieces giving Anna and Paul’s family and friends an idea. In a spur of the moment decision, their guests pooled together to buy them a piece of art from the gallery where the wedding was held.

This was not the only piece of art that they received as a gift. Another friend bought the couple a piece of art that reminded them of their bachelor party. Both paintings signified important events in their wedding celebration.



Becky Brown Photography

Mishkalo is opening doors for couples like Anna and Paul who appreciate art. We aim to help couples get art into their first shared space as husband and wife. Mishkalo is unique in the way that it does this because it is a wedding registry for art.

Couples can receive a unique gift of art, which they have picked out, helping turn their house into a home with the help of their friends and family. The piece can also be incorporated into the wedding or reception. The piece will add an artistic element for friends and family to enjoy by using it as a back drop for pictures or simply to admire the beauty it brings to the already beautiful event.



Mishkalo can go a step further and make your piece of art unique to you and your wedding day by commissioning a Mishkalo artist of your choice to paint a photo that was captured at your wedding. A wedding photographer captures the special moments that can be translated into beautiful pieces of art. Weddings can be expensive but it is important to capture the memories that will last a lifetime.

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