Charu | June 5, 2018

Ara’s Art and Love Letters:


Ara Lucia, artist on Mishkalo creates pieces that add a unique element, love letters which speaks to Mishkalo’s mission of love. “I introduced a narrative element by using snippets of love letters between women. With these elements I explore the body, identity and intimacy”, Ara Lucia say while talking about her process.

Art with love letters

Ara Lucia also talks about her new work and how these love letters weave into her new pieces. She says, “my new work, including small bits and pieces of the text of love letters allowed me to illuminate the intimate relationship expressed by the painting.” She does this by using the text along with paint allowing for glimpses of the love letters to be seen through the paint therefore, the complete, intimate message is not completely seen.


Ara Lucia’s art can also be identified through her passion for the color blue. Her passion for this color started in the second grade with a pair of navy blue shoes and continued with her prom dress and even her wedding dress which was a deep blue. Her passion for this color has been translated into her art, making it unique along with the addition of love letters which can be added in a commissioned piece of art.



Ara as part of Mishkalo:

Art with love letters

As an artist that is part of Mishkalo, Ara Lucia and her art connect to love through the use of love letters which are unique to her pieces. Art is something that will remind the couple of their love while adding beauty to their home. She believes that marriage is something that has a major impact on people including herself saying, “Choosing artwork as a couple can be deeply meaningful. It can often symbolize aspects of a relationship, the hopes and vision the couple has for their life together.” Mishkalo looks for artists that will put the love the couple has into pieces that they will cherish for years to come.


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