Blue Morpho Dream | Unique wedding anniversary gift | Wedding Registry for Art
Charu | July 9, 2017

Abstract Paintings in Blue


– Abstract art is art that does not represent any visual reality but the use of colors and shapes and lines helps achieve its effect. It is also known as being a part of Modern Art which includes artistic work produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s, and denotes the style and philosophy of the art produced during that era. The term is usually associated with art in which the traditions of the past have been thrown aside in a spirit of experimentation.
Here are a few examples of abstract paintings in blue by Mishkalo artists.
Blue Morpho dream abstract art by Gaya Karpetyan on Mishkalo

Blue Morpho dream  Gaya Karpetyan


Gaya karpetyan’s artwork is implemented in acrylic paints on stretched canvasses. ” I traditionally use the acrylics and they always provide desirable outcomes in terms of my aspirations for an adequate conveyance of my creative concepts and true depiction of the original artistic ideas. ” Blue morphos are drifting in millions: oblivious in tenderness of their dreams, they float and surge and plunge together… in a random trap of the butterfly effect.
Carol Mcintyre works in oils and acrylics with her favorite tool being the palette knife.  She says “My application is atypical, in that I apply very thin layers with the knife, often lightly scraping across the surface to create interesting and somewhat mysterious textures. Throughout the painting process, I go back and forth between my palette knives and brushes, using what seems appropriate at the time. Surprises often occur, which I always enjoy”.


Jacquie Gouveia’s paintings reflect the overall essence of landscapes that she either sees or imagines. By keeping the composition simple, she can focus on balancing colors, values and texture. The simplicity of her paintings are part of their beauty.


Day Dream in Turquoise By Jeanette Ardern on Mishkalo

Day Dream in Turquoise By Jeanette Ardern

Here is a sample of abstract art created using different materials.
Jeanette Ardern says –  My joy is using color and modeling materials and shapes in my work.  I find I dream about shapes and I find interesting shapes in strange places, from cardboard cut-outs, to tools, to the feet of deck chairs, to the mounting brackets you would use to mount a flat screen TV to the wall, to…..oh, forks, hair combs…..


Katharine Weber has a very unique style. Weber’s distinctive use of fabric embedded in acrylic emerged in her college years.
She explains, “I was in the studio one day, and I wanted to get a nice, thick layer of color on one part of the canvas. I put on what felt like a substantial amount of paint, but as it dried, the surface lost its depth and presence. I happened to have scraps of red cloth nearby. The realization came to me that I could embed the fabric into the paint to increase the depth. I was thrilled with the deeply textured surface of that Painting. One discovery about the interaction between paint and material led to another, and my sculptural fabric style emerged.”


Allusion to a Stair, thus indicating ascent - Artwork by Ara Lucia - painting that is part of a series in blue abstract on Mishkalo, the wedding registry.

Allusion to a Stair –  Ara Lucia


Ara Lucia says ‘ The initial impetus for each of my paintings is a dress from a particular designer in a particular historical time. By abstracting these gowns and creating paintings that embody the gowns energetically — I take them in. I move back and forth between mark-making and editing in order to reach a final composition. Many layers are applied over a highly textured surface. The chosen marks remain and edited marks are folded hidden into the layers.