Charu | September 12, 2017

A Unique Personalized Gift

Stone Garden

Stone Garden

A few years back my daughter, then 12 and I decided to make my husband’s Birthday special by giving him something unique and personal that he would not expect. We racked our brains and thought about various gift options that were available, from expensive pens, a tie, a subscription to his favorite magazine, books and so on.  But the problem was that he had received just about everything we could think of as a gift over the years either for his Birthday or for Christmas.  We had run out of ideas when my daughter mentioned that he had always talked about having a Japanese Stone Garden at home.

We thought it was a brilliant idea and started looking for a space in our house to transform into a miniature Japanese Stone Garden.  We found the ideal space- under the stairway where there were some artificial plants enclosed within a decorative brick wall.  It was ideal for a Zen Stone Garden and so we started dismantling the pots and the plants and cleaned up the area.  Next, we went to Home Depot and bought a wooden plank to put on top of the bricks along with sand and other things needed to create a stone garden.

It took us 2 whole days to get the garden ready and when we finally presented it to my husband as a gift on his Birthday, he was thrilled and very touched by this gesture.  This was the best gift he had received, he said.  This Zen Garden brings us joy and beautiful memories every time we go up the staircase and pass by it.  Years have gone by and we still look at it and remember his Birthday from that year and it is a piece of conversation any time we have new guests visit our home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a wedding gift that will remind you of your special day everyday ?

'Cake' by Nancy Kramp on Mishkalo

‘Cake’ by Nancy Kramp on Mishkalo


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