Silvia Trujillo

California, USA

an artist and art instructor

My goal is to consistently produce paintings that are original and express my love of nature. 

Silvia Trujillo –  love of the natural world in her art!

Silvia’s love of the natural world takes her into the realms of landscape, portraiture, animals and botanicals, expressing the sacred connection in all of life. With a history in fashion design, Silvia Trujillo has over 20 years experience in fine art study, painting, and teaching.  She is a master colorist, emphasizing color relationships and works in both impressionistic and realistic styles. Being influenced by such post-impressionists and modernist landscape painters as Tom Thomson and Wayne Theibaud, her work is bold, lively and visually stimulating.

At what age did you know you wanted to be an artist?
At Age 8 because I received an art award in school (3rd grade). The teacher raved about the still life I painted. It was from life; a vase with flowers that she had set up to use as a subject.
Which classical or contemporary artists have inspired you?
I’m moved by Cezanne, particularly his still lifes. Another huge influence is Monet because of his unique observations of color; how various qualities of light create the full color spectrum on all subjects Modern impressionism.
How would you describe your artistic style?
Modern impressionism.
When did you first sell an artwork? How did you feel?
A still life of flower garden pots in full sun with high contrasting shadows. I felt validated!
What's your workstyle? Do you work on one piece at a time or work simultaneously on multiple pieces?
Generally one work at a time, although I go back to semi completed pieces to make sure nothing looks off before I call them complete.
How do you get the inspiration for a new piece?
Most of the time a subject or scene calls out to me and I see it in my minds eye before I even start.
Tell us a bit about your personal life ...
I’m a spiritual person who enjoys the outdoors, music and dancing.
My goal is to consistently produce paintings that are original and express my love of nature. I’m experimental—you will find different surfaces, approaches and subjects in my work. I love color and varied value patterns. Landscape painting is a natural extension of this love and attracts me to the dramatic light that occurs during a storm or at dawn and dusk.

A few pieces from Silvia Trujillo’s gallery


Under a Crescent Moon

Why they love Silvia Trujillo’s art

Peggy Patrick Santa Inez, CA

I love the colors in your paintings and your style to be peaceful, and engaging for me.  I think many “peaceful” paintings are dull and boring, but there’s a real vibrancy and life in yours which I love!

More about Silvia Trujillo

Shows & Exhibitions
  • Award of Distinction, Umpqua Plein Air Competition

Office of The Governor Of California

  • Juried Show, “Winter in California”. Sponsored by the California Arts Council, Barry Hessenius, Director.

Crocker Art Museum Annual Art Auction

  • Accepted Artist 2001-2005. Various distinguished jurors.


  • Special Award, Patrons Choice Award & Honorable Mention
    Amador County Art Assn. 18th Annual
    Juror: Carl Vosburgh Miller, AWS WSW
  • Best Use of Color
    CA Arts League Annual Show
    Juror: Dan Peterson, Professor of Art, Modesto J.C.
  • Honorable Mention
    Chico Art Center Open, “Defining Vessels” National Juried Exhibition
    Juror: David Middlebrook/ Assoc. Art Director, SJSU


  • Best of Show
    Amador County Artists Association 17th Annual Open
    Juror: David Hollowell, Distinguished Artist and Professor of Art, University of California, Davis.
  • Award of Merit
    The Sacramento Bee 24th Annual Open
    Juror: Patrick Dullanty, Professor of Art & Department Head
  • 1st Place: Oil, Impasto, Acrylic</strong
    California Arts League Annual Open
    Juror: Gerald Boyd, SWA PSWC
  • 1st Place: Oil 
    New Artworks 3rd Annual Open 1999
    Juror: Greg Kondos, Prof. of Art CSUS, Sacramento


  • Award of Merit
    Haggin Museum of Art, Stockton, CA, 47th Annual National Exhibit
    Juror: Gil Dellinger, Distinguished Artist and Professor of Art, University of the Pacific
  • Award of Excellence
    Watercolor Artists of Sacramento Horizons (WASH)
    Juror: Greg Kondos, Prof of Art, CSUS, Sacramento
  • 2nd Place: Oil
    California Arts League Annual Open
    juror: Pat Smoot, Distinguished Artist