Iulia Dinca

Bucharest, Romania

artist  who likes realism and happy subjects

“I think art shouldn’t be missing in our homes. I believe in the strong relationship between art and interior design.”

Iulia Dinca – visual artist and interior designer

I have a real passion for interior design. I have studied it and I think it is fascinating how somebody`s home can express that person. A work of art shouldn’t be placed randomly within a house. Art should be part of that interior design and should be vibrating with it. You should consider very carefully the style, the color, the dimensions and even the subject. It has to fit in there, in perfect harmony. I enjoy the part when I establish these aspects with the designer and future owner.

At what age did you know you wanted to be an artist?

I am 29 years old and I am drawing and painting since I was a little girl. My education was based on Art Schools, Art High School and on the University of Art. I never focused myself in any other direction. I absolutely love colours and I like being surrounded by beautiful things. I have a studio in my apartment and sometimes I enjoy locking myself in there to be alone with my thoughts and my inspirations. I think every artists needs time for himself.

What is the earliest artwork you did that you can remember?

Since I started painting as a child, is hard to define the exact moment I started to create real artwork. Still, I think that at the end of my Master Degree, I really found my way and started to paint from my deepest emotions.

Which classical or contemporary artists have inspired you?

I absolutely love art currents like Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo. I also love realism and hyperrealism. I always wanted to paint things close to reality, but had an attraction toward abstract painting too. I think Jackson Pollock had the last influence on my artwork

How would you describe your artistic style?

My art is a mixture between realism and abstractionism, defined through action painting. I always enjoyed a good structured drawing. I like the proportions of realism, I love the vivid colors. Six years ago, my work was based only on realism, until I received a real challenge: to paint some jazz figures in an abstract way, similar to Jackson Pollock art. The splashed paint and the randomness in which it fell on the canvas, unchained me. Since then, I permanently try to make them live together: realism and abstract. This is what makes my art keep its balance.

When did you first sell an artwork? How did you feel?

When I was a little girl, I draw my first portrait. My parents were so impressed, that they bought it immediately. I was so overwhelming and that was the moment when I actually realized that I could do this not only for pleasure, but for a living too.

What's your workstyle?

My attention and my feelings cannot be directed on more than one work. I put my heart in it and I dedicate all of my self to that moment. I am one with my canvas and that is a sublime feeling.

How do you get the inspiration for a new piece?

I am inspired mostly by my own experiences, my life and people dear to me. I often choose colorful, expressive and happy subjects like fruits, animals, birds, food, vintage objects, design objects (cherries, strawberries, magnolias, beauty jars, flowers of all kinds, flamingos, Colibri birds, bunnies, cupcakes etc).  What I love most is painting portraits, analyzing them, feeling that person’s warmth through my brush. My little girl is the subject present in most of my portrait paintings. The process of painting is full of overwhelming feelings. It`s an intimate relation with the subject. Four years after my mother died, I started to paint her portrait from a photo. Then I have experienced mixed feeling of sadness, joy, melancholy and a scent of childhood.

Every painting makes me feel in a different way. Every time I experience strong and „colourful” feelings.

Tell us a bit about your personal life ...

I`m a visual artist living in Bucharest, Roumania. I paint with my heart and with great passion. I enjoy every day of my life and cherish every second. I love spending time with my family, but I also enjoy spending time alone, with me. I like to connect with nature, to climb mountains, listen and smell the sea, to dip my feet into a river or a lake. I think we should sometimes forget about all this technology which surrounds us,

“My art is what keeps my feel alive. This passion is what makes my heart beat. I can`t imagine a life without art.  I dream that more and more people will see the real value that a work of art brings to their homes.”

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Why they love Iulia’s art

Stefan, Bucharest

“After the interior design of my apartment was ready, I needed a “splash” of color to be all done. Iulia`s artwork was the final touch that brought “life” to my home. Now I`m living in a house full of personality.”

Andreea, Bucharest

“When I arrived at an exhibition, I first saw an oversized artwork made by Iulia. It was love at first sight. The details made the painting so real, so full o life. My livingroom wasn`t big enough at that time for that one, but she came to see it and made something that was fitting perfectly on the wall and even matched my sofa colors.”

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Favorite Quotes


“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” – Leaonardo Da Vinci

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Noblesse Palace, Metropolitan Hospital, Jasmine Tea and Art Gallery