Ira Ivanova

Trondheim, Norway

abstract artist

I strongly believe that we live in a wonderful world full of joy and positivity. I love the process of painting; it is fun and it brings joy to my life. Through the process of creating I hope to share the positive energy and joy of life with others.

Ira Ivanova – intuitive painter!

At what age did you know you wanted to be an artist?

I have always loved to paint even as a child, it always brought me joy. One of my most memorable moments was when my class from elementary school when on a trip to the national gallery of Bulgaria, and I stood in front of a painting and realized I also wanted to paint. That the lifestyle of a painter was something I wanted.

What is the earliest artwork you did that you can remember?

This was also in school, we were given an a assignment to paint a still life painting. I discovered great joy in the assignment.

Which classical or contemporary artists have inspired you?

Gustav Klimt and his painting The Kiss, have inspired me greatly. Because the painting has a lot of colours and details.

How would you describe your artistic style?

My art is defined as a mix between abstract-realism and abstract expressionist. I like to play with colors, abstract shapes, and spots. I work periodically in various techniques and like to experiment with different materials and techniques.

When did you first sell an artwork? How did you feel?

After my education at the Art School of Sofia I sold a still life with watercolor painting. I was really proud and overwhelmed.

What's your workstyle? Do you work on one piece at a time or work simultaneously on multiple pieces?

I work periodically in various techniques and like to experiment with different materials and techniques. I like to work on multiple pieces, it all depends on my mood witch painting I feel like working on that day. Until I decide it’s finished.

How do you get the inspiration for a new piece?

Everyday life inspires me, everything from emotions to friends and family.

Tell us a bit about your personal life ...

I and my husband are adventurous and curious people. We love exploring new cultures. Both us and our 2 children were born and raised in Bulgaria, but the last 20 years we have lived in Norway.

It is important to express oneself…provided the feelings are real and are taken from you own experience.”  Berthe Morisot 

A few pieces from Ira Ivanova’s gallery

Pink Perfect

Purple Haze

Why they love Ira Ivanova’s art

Fiona Gratton from Melbourne.

Ira Ivanova has created this beautiful piece of art for me, which reflects the colours and contrasts of my original home..

Elisabeth from the gallery Fenka in Levanger.

The clients that have bought Ira`s painting tell me that the more they look at the paintings, the more happy they become.

More about Ira Ivanova

Shows & Exhibitions

2017 • Solo – Galeri SG, Trondheim

2017-2016 •  Solo exhibition – Galleri Tornby, Denmark

2016 • Group – Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

2015 • Group – Galleri FENKA, Levanger

2015 • Group – Sirkus Shopping, Trondheim

2014 • Group – Galeri SG, Trondheim

2013 • Solo exhibition – Bulgarien Consulate, New York

2013 • Group – Rica Hotell , Galleri SG

2013 • Solo exhibition– Galleri SG, Trondheim

2012 • Group – «To Romm og Kjøkken» Galler SG

2011 • Group – Rica Hotell , Galleri SG

2010 • Group – Rica Hotell , Galleri SG

2008 • Group – Galleri SG, Trondheim

2007 • Solo exhibition – Stjørdal – Public Library

2006 • Solo exhibition – Christmas exhibition, Fosenkai galleri

2005 • Group – Tingvoll Kunstlag

2004 • Solo exhibition – Surnadal Kulturhus

2003 • Group – Tingvoll Kunstlag

2002 • Separate – Skaret Håndverkgården

2002 • Group – Tingvoll Kunstlag

2001 • Solo exhibition – Tingvoll Kunstlag

2001 • Group – Tingvoll Kunstlag

2000 • Group – Tingvoll Kunstlag

1999 • Group – Tingvoll Kunstlag

1998 • Solo exhibition– Sunndal Kulturhus

1998 • Solo exhibition – Caroline kino, Kristiansund N