Evelin Juen - Austrian digital artist from Innsbruk featured on Mishkalo

Evelin Juen

Innsbruck, Austria

Digital Artist


“Art is my life. It allows me to express my feelings to comment on social, political, philosophical, spiritual and aesthetic questions.”


Evelin Juen – creative at an early age!

The impulse for creative process showed itself very early and affected the further development of my life. At the beginning there was drawing, painting, inventing of forms. Soon writing and music came. Now, all of them join into one synergetic ensemble. The love of life in all its wonderful variations and the curiosity for what is the strange and for what is the familiar, provides ideas, inspiration is rooted in spirituality. This symbiosis result in the creative whole.



Evelin Juen - Austrian digital artist on Mishkalo wedding registry for art

Evelin Juen's show in a Palazzo in Gubbio/Umbria

At what age did you know you wanted to be an artist?
I never thought: ´ now I´m an artist´, because creativity and love for art was always in me and with me. Since childhood, my aim to draw, to paint, to write and to sing, played an important role. Step by step, year by year, job by job, ways and curves, all small mosaic stones that create my pic of life and skill …I´m thankful learning always.
What is the earliest artwork you did that you can remember?
I was about 5 years old, I saw a Kangaroo with a baby in his belly bag in a documentation in TV. I was so impressed by the gentleness of their eyes and their extraordinary bodies, that I made a pencil drawing. I still love this small and simple ´work of art´, because it has soul.
Which classical or contemporary artists have inspired you?

I love especially Italian Renaissance and their represents, but I am open for every expression of art, that touches me and makes me admire the gifts of talent. So, no special person or style for inspiration, it always depends on the moment, when an artwork speaks to me…


How would you describe your artistic style?
I come from traditional art, such as oil and acrylic painting, drawing, water colors, collage techniques and analog photography. Since some years I use the new media to mix up this different techniques in my PC, using image processing programs. Nature is a main source of inspiration, also spirituality, philosophy and the human being in his physical and mental aspects. I tell mystic stories in most of my works, carefully using colors, and harmonic forms to create visions of other worlds or other point of views for the world we live in. The feeling for colors is important for me, the harmony in the composition, the atmosphere, that comes to life when someone looks at the picture.
When did you first sell an artwork? How did you feel?

My first sale I had when I was 16. The secretary of the mayor of my hometown saw the Easter eggs that I had made for my mother, when she visited us. She immediately ordered 40 eggs for a big Easter decoration and payed me really well. I used water color and pencil, painting birds, flowers, and many different natural scenes, and she still! hangs up this eggs at Easter.

I felt great, of course, happy that for somebody it was worth so much money for something I made wtih my imagination, my creativity and my skill.     

I still feel thankful and full of joy, because this woman treated the eggs so carefully and like precious things, that the eggs over lived decades until now.

What's your workstyle?
Most time I work on more pieces.It is a daily mood, a kind of flow, a door that is open at a certain time that makes a picture growing. So I like to decide in the moment when I start working and listen which of the artworks in progress is calling me…
How do you get the inspiration for a new piece?
Inspiration comes from my inner, as well as from outside. I love to travel in real and in thoughts, my eyes and my heart wide open to experience the world and the universe, marveling the wonders. But mostly of all, it is a present from a higher level of awareness and spirit. Every time I am thankful and it fills me with great pleasure, when I see that what I made is good, and has a kind of magic when it is accomplished.
Tell us a bit about your personal life ...

I live in a small town in the Tyrolean mountain region. Surrounded by my garden, forests, lakes, green grass and farmers fields, I couldn´t guess to live somewhere else, although the world showed me already many desire places. I am blessed, cause I can live with and from my art and with people I love. Nevertheless life is life, and, as people from the alps always use to say: “live is hard in the mountains” ;-)) 

I see whats going on in the world, but try to stay positive and make this world a little bit better as far as I can. In my work as a visual artist, I am not critical, not showing cruelity, not indict facts of politics, bad social conditions or unfairness in life. This is what I do with words, when I am writing stories or texts for songwriting. In my visual expression, I counter steer all the bad that happens, through artworks that make you feel good, happy and  – in the best case -that gives a kind of comfort, shelter and good feeling.

Light vs darkness, fulfillment vs loss, tranquility vs anger are all essential elements in my work.

A few pieces from Evelin Juen’s gallery

Evelin Juen - Austrian digital artist on Mishkalo wedding registry for art Meeting Point

Meeting Point

You and Me in Paradise

More about Evelin Juen

Evelin Juen's Expression

“It is important for me to create a poetic and mystic atmosphere in my artworks, not everything of the story I tell in my pictures is visible, it is always a secret in it and includes the wish, that the beholder gets involved deeper, by the feeling, that I try to deliver in my “pictured poems.”


Shows & Exhibitions

Variety of Exhibitions:



20-30 Sept. – Mostra Collettiva a PARIGI/Frankreich,                                  

22 Sept.- 02 Okt. Biennale “Premio Medaglia d’Oro Città di SPA/Belgien,                      

20 Okt.-05 Nov., XI Rassegna Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea – Gubbio/Italy

“GARTEN UND KUNST 2017”   ,  bellabayer – Das Gartenatelier, Steiermark/Tirol/Austria, 1. – 16. Juli 2017


Exhibited in MOCA: Museum of Computer Art

“FEELING AT HOME”, DAS KRONTHALER****S: Design & Alpine Lifestyle Hotel Achensee/Tirol/Austria, 5. November 2016 – 31.Jänner 2017

” KUNSTSTRASSE IMST”   ´…und die Berge schauen zu…´  Pro Vita Alpina im Rahmen der Kunststrasse 2016 im Stadtmuseum im Ballhaus, Imst/Tirol/Austria, Dezember-März 2016

“ART INNSBRUCK”, 20. jähriges  Jubiläum Art IBK, Internationale Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst und Antiquitäten, Innsbruck/Tirol/Austria, 28 bis 31.1.


“GRAFFITI & UNPLUGGED”, Kulturverein SigmundsRied, Schloss Sigmundsried, Tirol/Österreich, 13. – 15. November

“FESTIVAL dell’ ARTE e dell’ AMICIZIA ITALIA-UZBEKISTAN”,   Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio, Umbrien/Italien  , 14. August – 1. September

“ART MONACO”, Monte Carlo Festivals,  Avenue des Ligures, Monaco, 9. – 12. Juli  

“PARK ART FAIR INT.©2015”, 78098 Triberg – Germany, März


   “KUNSTSTRASSE IMST”, Durch die Straßen der Stadt….Auf den Spuren der Kunst, 17.10. ´Nacht der Kunst´ 19 – 24 Uhr, 18.- 26.10 2014, SA/SO 16 – 20 Uhr, Oktober Imst/Tirol/Austria

“ON THE ROAD“, F-Stop Magazine Chicago, Group exhibition, Issue #66 August – September 2014, Chicago/USA

“GRAYSCALE PHOTO EXHIBITION”, Black Box Gallery, Juror: Todd Johnson, April 1-20, 2014, Portland/Oregon/USA

“MOLAA’s ANNUAL WOMEN’S DAY FESTIVAL HONORING MEXICAN ARTIST                FRIDA KAHLO”, Museum of Latin American Art, March 16, 2014, California/USA

“CONTINUUM, International Exhibition of Visual Art” , Sweet Art Gallery, Curator Richard L. Tooke, Februar 2014, Naples/Florida/USA,